Ladies and Gentlemen … probably more of the latter. Here is take 2 of me attempting a Live UFC PPV blog.

UFC 121 Lesnar vs. Velasquez

This will be your place for fight by fight, and maybe even round by round results. Also watching game 6 of the Phillies/Giants game, so there is some serious PIP action thanks to PiP master General, Yukon Cornelius Sweger. So if some of the earlier fights lack in quality… blame the NLCS. Anyway. Here… We…Go…

Nice hype video to open. I love Joe Rogan talking about fights and fighters. Joe says Lesnar would be the biggest guy on the biggest horse with the biggest sword, and that he was put on this earth to do battle. It tend to agree… and if Lesnar wasn’t scary enough, before? His backwoods mountain man beard adds just that much more of a air of pants peeing terror.

Prelim Results

Forgot about the Spike Prelim card, honestly. NLCS totally to blame. Watching 3rd round of McGee vs. Jensen. Court is dominating. Full mount. Some ground and pound. Gets an arm triangle and chokes out Jensen. WIth the way Joe and Mike are talking, McGee was in trouble in the first round, but made a comeback to get a win. I give McGee’s beard 3.5 stars.

Other results thanks to

Jon Madsen def. Gilbert Yvel via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 1:48
Chris Camozzi def. Dongi Yang via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)
Sam Stout def. Paul Taylor via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
Daniel Roberts def. Mike Guymon via submission (anaconda choke) – Round 1, 1:13

Pay Per View

Brendan Schaub vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Our opening contest in the Heavyweight Division. Gonzaga is out first. Shaub is out to some Eminem. They talk up Shaub’s camp. WOrking with Rashad Evans and Shane Carwin. He’s a BJJ Purple Belt. Shaub is younger, taller, and has a reach advantage. Gonzaga is heavier, hairier, and Brazilian… is his being Brazilian a benefit? Of course.

Round 1

Chase Utley turns a double play on the PiP and here… we… GO! They circle. 30 seconds in they still circle. Crowd starts booing. They exchange punches, mostly missing. Gonzaga with a leg kick is caught by Shaub and then a nice right hand staggers Gonzaga. Another right by Schaub staggers Gabe. Schaub definitely looks faster. Gabe looks like he’s mouth breathing already. Another nice leg kick by Gabe. Schaub with jab-jab over hand right. Gabe goes for a takedown. Schaub stuffs it. 70 seconds remain. Exchange of jabs… and Ibanez doubles in the left field corner. More jabs. A few solid punces exchanged. Nice shots and Gabe’s legs go all wobbly. Huge right to Gabe’s chin and he goes down and saved by the AIR HORN! First round was dominated by Schaub, in my humble, moderately educated opinion!

Round 2

Again they feel each other out to start. Leg kick from Gabe. Wild right from Schaub. Nother nasty sounding leg kick. That leg kick sounded nasty. Gabe staggers after throwing a leg kick. Schaub rocks him with some dirty boxing. Crowd boos as the action slows. Gabe is on his heels and backing up. Schaub is the aggressor. Heavy leg kick. Schaub is all over Gabe who is just covering up looking like he’s “weathering the storm”. Gonzaga’s nose is bloodied. 50 seconds to go. Gotta give the second round to Schaub.

Round 3

Early punches exchanged. They circle. Schaub moves forward. Gabe moves backwards. And so they dance. Joe points out that Gabe has gone away from the leg kicks. Standing exchanging punches. Possible low blow. Not a bad shot. Schaub’s fine. We continue. Gabe looks gassed. Should be going crazy, but isn’t. Crowd isn’t happy as this third round has been lacking in the way of action. With a minute left Gabe goes into leg kick mode. With 30 seconds left they finish fast, and furious. Schaub shoots. Gabe blocks and gets his back as the horn sounds. I’d probably give the round to Schaub based on his aggression. He looked like he knew he was ahead… and for some reason so did Gonzaga. Not sure which fight Gabe was following.

Winner: Brendan Schaub. Joe talks to him post match. Crowd shots and arena shots follow.

We go “earlier tonight” style and see Lesnar… and Velasquez… WALKING! Now lets hype the next UFC show. Which will be from Germany, and Middleweight #1 contenders match main eventing.

Tito Ortiz vs. Matt Hamill

Prefight rundown. Tito had back surgery. He’s gonna unleash his famous ground and pound. Matt Hamill doesn’t hear so well. (Hamill’s deaf for those who don’t know). Nice little tidbit. Ortiz picked Hamill in season 3 of The Ultimate Fighter. Hamill is an NCAA National Champ. More Eminem, this time for Ortiz’s entrance music. Ortiz doing his best Hacksaw Jim Duggan impersonation bringing a flag to the ring. Flags, actually. American and Mexican? (PiP Master Yukon and I coudn’t quite tell.) Crowd loves and hate Ortiz as he comes out. Hamill is only a year younger. Pretty evenly matched.

Round 1

Referee will be Big John McCarthy for this bout. They come out. Ortiz out punching and kicking. Attacks fast. Crowd chants “Tito”. Crowd answers with “Hamill”. Hamill takes him down. Ortiz gets out lands a glancing head kick as they get to their feet. Ortiz has a little mouse/cut under his right eye. Good work by the announcers pointing out he had an issue with that same eye in a previous fight. Tito with a jab and head kick. They exchange inside leg kicks. Side of Tito’s head is also bleeding lightly. Tito throws a spinning back fist. Nice right hand from Hamill lands. Tito lands a couple jabs. Misses with an uppercut. Crowd sings out the round chanting “Tito” one more time.

Tito’s corner works on Tito who refuses to sit. He has mouses (mice?) under each eye. Plus the side of his head. Hamill’s corner says “take down”.

Round 2

They come out. More nice leg kicks from Hamills. Knee to the midsection from Tito. Huge wild right from Tito misses. Hamill looking for those inside leg kicks. Tito swings and misses with a right hand… Juan Uribe swings and connects on a go ahead solo homerun (Writing credit for that line goes to the PiP Master General Sweger). Hamill is in Tito’s guard. Hamill with elbows. Tito is working elbows and fists from the bottom. 60 seconds to go. Hamill has Tito’s back. Hamill has side control. Hamill with elbows. Hamill finishes the round in half guard. Round 2 looked like it went the way of Matt Hamill. Score would be 1 round each going into the 3rd, which hopefully means an entertaining 3rd!

Round 3

Ultimate Round. Huge right early from Tito. Nice left jab from Hamill. Uppercut from “The Hammer”. Body kick from Tito who follows that up with a nice drunken styled stumble. These guys look a little winded right now. More laid back than I would have imagined. Crowd is booing the inactive 3rd round. Tito shoots. Hamill stuffs it. Big take down by Hamill. Hamill is in half guard. Big left hands and elbows from Hamill who is doing a nice job working the ground and pound. Tito with a few desperation rights from his back. There’s the horn. I think Hamill won. We’ll see what the judges say.

29-28, 29-28, 30-27 Unanimous Decision Matt “The Hammer” Hamill.

Hamill talks. They show the crowd. Undertaker and Mrs. Undertaker (Michelle McCool) are in the house. Taker and Lesnar are boys, I reckon. We get a hype piece for our next fight which is?

Diego Sanchez vs. Brazil – Paulo Thiago

Thiago is a BJJ Black belt. Diego won The Ultimate Fighter season 1, middleweight. Diego and one of his corner men show crazy intensity. I have the corner man ahead on my score card after some slaps and intense screaming. Tale O’ The Tape. Thiago has a reach and slight height advantage, plus the Brazilian factor. 3 round of Welterweight action.

Round 1

Referee for the fight is Jason Herzog. Aryani is the ring card girl, is in Playboy… and is hot. Check those picks out. Here… we…. go! Diego mean faces Thiago. Nasty right by Thiago. Diego shoots. Thiago sprawls, catches him in a choke attempt and nails a knee or 3. They hug it out against the cage. They seperate. They stand. Intending to throw punches? Wild right by Diego misses. Leg kick… misses. Left misses… Right… glances. Thiago takes Diego down. Thiago is in half guard. Big body shot by Thiago. Darse Choke (spelling?.. is it Darth? Dark?) attempt. Diego slips out. Another choke attempt. Diego moves forward hits a nice right. Thiago this a nice counter left. Diego goes back on the offensive. Moves forward with nice speed and drives Paulo back. Big shots from Thiago, who’s got a mouse and a cut on the bridge of his nose.

Thiago’s corner says some stuff, and UFC’s resident portugese translator earns a payday.

Round 2

Thiago has some nice rights and lefts. Diego answers with some wild makers of hay. Diego swings and misses more than the Phillies. Crazy exchange. Diego is in some sort of reverse mount. Diego is working on top. Gets into half guard. Thiago looking for a kimura. Diego gets free. Diego gets close to full mount. Thiago hits Diego in the back of the head. Ref takes a time out. Thiago going for the kimura again. Diego gets out, and hits some ground and pound. Diego just hit a great running slam spinebuster styled for all my pro wrestling peeps out there. Diego with a nice elbow from half guard. Crowd fully behind Diego chanting his name. Dieog goes for a choke. Paulo keeps his chin down. Diego with some nice pounding rights. Going for his back. Thiago up with a flurry and a head kick at the buzzer. AMAZING round.

Round 3

Thiago comes in with a double underhook. Diego ends up on top. Diego in half guard, nails a knee to the ribs. Paulo looking for a kimura. Diego gets out. Diego looking to get the hooks in. Diego looking for a choke. Body Triangle. Diego is manhandling in the 3rd. Diego is punching Paulo in the back. Thiago is gassed. Thiago gets out. Scurries. Diego goes after and eats a nasty looking up kick. Paulo on top and again gets that Darse choke, but Diego gets out. Nasty over hand ground and pound, right. 30 seconds to go. Diego tees off with rights and lefts at the end of the round. Crazy finish to the round. Diego looked great.

Diego Wins via unanimous decision. I didn’t get scores cuz of PiP Master General… QVC was just put on… I’m gonna put the PiP’s email address on here.

Jake Shields vs. Martin Kampmann

Next up is Jake Shield’s UFC Debut against Martin Kampmann. Shields was Strikeforce’s Middleweight Champion. Shields wins points for me by coming out to “Renegades of Funk” by Rage Against the Machine. Last time Shields fought he beat Dan Henderson. They talk about Shields wanting to take the fight to the ground and get a submission. They talk about Kampmann being well rounded and a great striker. And… here… we… go!

Round 1

Referee is Big John McCarthy. Shields gets in, and gets a hold of him. Shields drops Martin with a singl leg. Shields in side control. Kampmann gets back into half guard. Nice elbow from the bottom by Kampmann. They continue to jockey for position on the mat. Shields passes into full mount with ease. Kampmann gets to his feet. Kampmann with a couple knees to the body.Martin goes for a guillotine. Jake continues to go for the take down. Has Kampmann up against the cage. Big John tells them to work. Kampmann tries to separate, and does. Shields working leg kicks. Shields shoots. Kampmann sprawls and that ends the first round.

Corner tells Shields he won that round, but talks about the cage size.

Round 2

They start off exchange a couple leg kicks. Feel each other out. Jake gets in and grapples Kampmann into the cage. Huge knee drops Shields. Kampmann goes for a choke, but its ineffective. Kampmann gives up the choke. Shields floats over, and walks the cage to get side control. They’re back up, and Kampmann nails a few more knees. Shields eats another knee and goes down. They’re down. Shields in side control. These two look tired right now. Jake in full mount with 1:45 left. Crowd is growing restless. They boo. Shields passes guard again into full mount. Kampmann is able to get out and get up. 30 seconds left, and McCarthy breaks them up. Rogan doesn’t understand that break at all. They were working. Shields looks a little very tired.

Round 3

Jake shoots. Kampmann rejects that. Clinch and knee by Kampmann. Another nice sprawl. Shields arms look heavy. He looks gassed. Crowd boos. Kampmann gets Jake’s back. Jake keeps trying to shoot and take Kampmann down, but has no chance. Kampmann goes for a choke. Continues to control Shields. Kampmann is dominating this round. Kampmann goes for another choke. Jake is able to grapple his way to half guard. Jake gets into side control, but this feels like too little too late. Martin rolls. Jake takes his back. Jake has a body triangle. Going for a choke. Jake nailing some punches. 10 seconds. Crowd boos.

I don’t know who won this. Rogan thought Shields won the first 2 rounds. I felt like Kampmann won the 2nd round. Judges still working. Kampmann says “He didn’t do no damage”, Rogan retorts “Neither did you, dude.” They’re both right. Jake Shields is breathing heavily.

Winner by Split Decision: Jake Shields (29-28 Kampmann. 30-27 Shields and 29-28 Shields.

No post fight. Which means? Main event time!

Hype video. Lesnar = freak athlete. Velasquez = dude who is being picked to win this fight. Has better cardio and can hang with Lesnar wrestling wise. 2x All American and has strong ground and pound. Crowd is jacked as Cain hits the Octagon. Lesnar is booed HEAVILY. Love it. “Enter Sandman” starts playing, and out comes bearded Brock Lesnar. Beard gets a 3.0 stars. If I see Brock Lesnar at an airport? I would be like “Oh Shit that’s Brock Lesnar…” and then I’d lower my head and try not to make eye contact. Lesnar Div 1 National Champ. Fantastic Athlete. I know UFC wants to distance the WWE connection, some… but for his ability to “take a punch” see: Brock Lesnar “Shooting Star Press” or “SSP” on Youtube. He landed on his face from lets say 6-8 feet, and got up. It should have broken his neck, and he finished his match… so yeah… if you’re bored, check that out, but UFC should get THAT footage. Brock is hated… he loves it… UFC loves it… and I’m amused.

Round 1

Your Referee is Herb Dean. I’ve never seen Lesnar this cut. Brock is bull in a china shop. Shoots. Knees to the body. Flying knee by Lesnar. Cain blocks a take down. Not a second. Brock takes him down. Cain gets back up. Brock backs Cain up against the cage and leans on him. Jockeying for position. Lesnar leans on Cain. Can’t be easy. Lesnar sweeps and takes him down. Cain bounces up. Cain separates the hands. Brock swings. Cain nails a nice shot. Misses head kick. Cain takes Lesnar down. Hammer fists from Cain. Lesnar is up. Cain nails a shot. Lesnar staggers. Stumbles across the ring. Cain with a nasty right. Cain with a knee to the chin that drops Brock. Cain is on top. Ground and Pound. Brock’s right eye is busted open. Cain drops Lesnar. Lesnar is out, but is defending himself… sort of… amazed this hasn’t been stopped yet. Lesnar’s eye is busted open bad. Cain gets back on top and smashes away and Cain unloads until Herb Dean steps in and stops the fight.

Winner by TKO – and NEW UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World… Cain Valasquez.

They announce the winner. Put the belt Cain, and Joe comes in and interviews. Cain was expecting a long fight. The cut under Brock’s eye is NASTY. Brock gives Cain props post match, and says he’ll go back to work.

That was an action packed, albeit short main event, and we see a new Heavyweight Champion of the World.

That brings a close to this edition of a UFC Live Blog! Big ups to the PiP Master aka Yukon Cornelius aka Jason Sweger. Thanks for reading, till next time!