College basketball is King and Queen of Connecticut.  Not just the university, but the state.  They have no hockey team, as the Whalers left for Carolina a while ago, and because of the success of the UConn Huskies basketball programs (in the case of the women’s basketball team, “dominance” is the better term) it’s nearly impossible to get a ticket to one of their games (trust me, I’ve tried).

Amidst some controversy and allegations of wrong-doing, two very important members of the staff are stepping down, the Hartford Courant reports.


When I first saw the headline, my first reaction was “Oh man, Calhoun?  Geno Auriemma?”

Alas, it’s not either of the two, and the names – both linked to the men’s team – don’t include anyone who outsiders would have heard about – Beau Archibald and Pat Sellers – who resigned from their positions.

Here’s a brief part of the Courant’s article explaining who they are and what the allegations are all about:

Sellers, 41, recently completed his third year as an assistant coach at UConn after spending four years as the director of operations. Archibald, 33, a former player in 1999-2000, was in his third season as the director of operations.

When asked if the process of finding replacements for Archibald and Sellers has begun, Muncy said no comment would be possible, though Calhoun shook his head no before Muncy responded.

Neither Archibald nor Sellers were in attendance for Friday’s press conference, though written statements made by both  vowing to defend their integrity were distributed.

The notice includes eight violations, including at least 160 impermissible phone calls and at least 181 impermissible text messages to prospective student-athletes between June 2005 and Feb. 2009. Archibald placed 114 of those phone calls between Aug. 9, 2007 and June 13, 2008, though the recipient’s name has been redacted from official documents distributed by the university.

No word on how this will affect the men’s Huskies basketball program next year or in the future, but with Jim Calhoun’s health problems from year to year causing him to miss significant portions of the season, you have to think that the mounting issues facing UConn will take their toll on the program.