The No Way Out pay per view this Sunday is likely to have some drastic changes to its line-up due to recent injuries, and the changes pertain to championship matches.

Reports are indicating that Alberto Del Rio has suffered a concussion at last week’s Smackdown tapings. It’s said that the concussion likely occurred when Sheamus slammed Alberto Del Rio’s head into the base of the WWE logo statue atop the entrance stage. By all indications, the concussion is severe enough that ADR will not be able to challenge Sheamus for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at NO WAY OUT. An alternate opponent will almost certainly be selected on the upcoming episode of Smackdown, the final WWE event prior to the pay per view itself.

That’s not the only injury affecting a WWE championship.

Currently one half of the tag team champions, R-Truth has suffered a broken foot. Though it’s unclear at this time whether WWE planned to book a match for the tag titles on the NO WAY OUT card, this certainly would require a change to any such plans.

There’s no word as of yet how long R-Truth will be sidelined with the injury, but he was replaced in matches at live events in Spain recently by Zack Ryder and Brodus Clay.

Analysis and Suggestions:

Some have indicated that Kane would be a possibility to replace Alberto Del Rio in the match against Sheamus at NO WAY OUT, but that’s inadvisable and improbable. WWE has spent time building up a three-way match for the WWE Championship on RAW, and the best option is to keep on course with that match and find another opponent for Sheamus.

Who better than Dolph Ziggler? His recent storyline change involved frustration over the inability of his pairing with Jack Swagger to win the WWE Tag Team Championships, and he is starting try to make a name for himself in singles competition again. He is a former World Champion with great mic skills which are on par with his in-ring performances. Ziggler has not built up any significant momentum, so a loss won’t do anything to damage that. With the next pay per view being Money In The Bank, the opportunity exists to hit a reset button on the list of challengers, meaning anything that happens at NO WAY OUT may have limited long-term effects.

As for the tag team championships, the best option would be to strip the belts from Kofi and R-Truth. If WWE wants to have them continue on as a team, this gives them a way to lose the titles without having to lose a match, and then show unity in reuniting once R-Truth is healed and they can track down the belts from whomever currently holds them.

WWE could give Kofi Kingston a replacement partner, but with Money In The Bank coming up next month, he’s best served to prepare for that. In the meantime, this opportunity should be used to give Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins a chance in the spotlight. The two got considerable support from fans when news was circulating that they might be losing their jobs. They’ve been with the company for a while, and if the powers that be are considering letting them go, they may as well take one final shot to see if they can catch lightning in a bottle – which I believe they will if they give Reks & Hawkins the championships. Have them face Zack Ryder & Santino Marella for the vacant straps, or even work Kofi Kingston into the match somehow, and have Hawkins & Reks win the championships.

Others might consider Titus O’Neil & Darren Young to be a better heel tag team option to hold the straps than Reks & Hawkins, but for fiscal reasons, that’s not the case. O’Neil & Young haven’t been with WWE as long as Reks & Hawkins have, and thus the financial investment made in them is not as great. There is plenty of time for O’Neil and Young to evolve as a team and get the opportunity to run with the championships at a later date. For now, let this put a chip on the shoulders of O’Neil & Young for them to mix into their personas. Once Reks & Hawkins lose the belts down the line, O’Neil & Young can challenge whomever the next title holders may be.