Since the Groundhog saw his shadow and there’s six more weeks of winter…. The only thing to do is watch more TV. That is why I come with new tidbits of TV news for you…



After only like four episodes in in their respective seasons, Showtime has already renewed Shameless for a third season, Californication for a sixth, and newcomer House of Lies to a second season. This comes as no surprise as all three shows are getting pretty good ratings. Both Shameless and Californication are up from last year.


With a Little Bit of Luck

After ONE episode, HBO has renewed Luck  to a second season.  Ratings weren’t stellar, but the Reviews were strong. It scored 3.3 million views through all of it’s multiple airings, but it’s main 9pm airing got a meager 1.1 million views. I may have to do that its competing with Shameless, but it also may be that the pilot aired over a month ago already so more people may have already watched it, and skipped watching it again.


Green Arrow Has a Queen!

CW has cast Stephen Amell to play the lead character Oliver Queen/Green Arrow for the pilot of Arrow.  It is a Smallville-esque retelling of Oliver Queen, a wealthy playboy and billionaire industrialist-turned-outspoken politician who fights crime using archery, martial arts and technology. The original character was a member of the Justice league, and even in Smallville he was involved with it.  No word on how much of the other DC universe will be in this version of the story.

Amell has had recurring roles on Hung, Private Practice, The Vampire Diaries, and was a finalist to take over the lead in Spartacus.


A Game of Thrones is WINNING!

The new trailer for the second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones has a new record a of views online for HBO with 4.5 million views and counting.  All since it aired on Sunday. That’s no surprise. I’ve watched the damn thing about fifty times myself. The show is also the third most watched show in HBO history, after The Sopranos and True Blood.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it’s brilliance, you can catch it here… Game of thrones “Shadow” trailer.


Thank you for reading… next week I will have two TV news articles, one about the new TV pilots picked up and by what channel, and then another one like this.



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