It was reported this morning that Corey Haim had died at the young age of 38.  Until the cause of death is accurately identified, I’m not going to speculate as other news sources have done.  I just want to pay tribute to Corey Haim.


The movie was the first time I saw Corey Haim on film, and it remains one of my top 50 movies of all time despite not being extremely popular.  I found a commercial for it on YouTube which probably helps explain the movie better than I could, and also allows you to see Haim in action at the age of 14.

Lost Boys

I don’t think anyone would argue that Lost Boys was one of Corey Haim’s most popular films.  Here’s a near 90 second trailer for the film that helped put Haim into the list of hugely popular young actors at the time.

License to Drive

Another of my favorite Corey Haim movies is License to Drive.

Although there were years where Corey Haim dropped down a couple “Celebrity List” rungs, he had a project in development and I believe he was going to start moving back up the list a la Christian Slater.  His death is quite a shame.

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