DISCLAIMER: I am a Michigan alumnus. I will try to exercise journalistic restraint. However, who doesn’t like to hate on Ohio State?

To no one’s surprise, except for maybe the Buckeyes, football coach Jim Tressel has resigned. Coincidentally enough, the resignation comes at a time when the you know what is about to hit the fan for Buckeye football. The controversy surrounding improper benefits and revelations that Tressel had knowledge of such acitivities has been reported at length all over the Internets. So I’ll spare you the details I’m sure you readers already know.

So what does Tressel say in his resignation? He mentions something about God having a plan (Source: rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/news?slug=ap-ohiost-tresselresigns) Why is it that when public figures get caught, they have to invoke God? I’m pretty sure The Man Upstairs would disapprove of Tressel’s actions. Or is that this is a way for Tressel to cope with his own mistakes and to deny the reality of the situation? These lame apologies do nothing for his image, or what’s left of it. He also says he doesn’t want the NCAA investigations to be a distraction. O rly? They still are going to hanging over the university’s head Jimmy, you just wanted to pull a Pete Carroll and dodge the consequences of your actions.

This episode further illuminates one of the major problems in college sports. In the pursuit of wins and profits, coaches, staff and university officials often bend or outright ignore the rules. Everyone does it, but it’s a reality. Ohio State and Tressel got caught this time, but the next recruiting controversy could be at any other high stakes college sports program.