I have been dreading the need to write this article for months now. I sadly knew it was inevitable, but that didn’t stop me from hoping that this day wouldn’t come. But, alas… That day is today. It was announced last week that Michael Bay had signed on to another installment of Transformers. The 4th installment in this terrible franchise is scheduled for a June 14th 2014 Release.

The word “re imagining” has been being thrown around for months now, but according to Bad Ass Digest, the movie is a direct sequel, but it is also part a reboot. They quote a source close to the movie that says that it won’t be told from the Witwicky’s point of view. That means it’ll  be told by some else’s POV, but who that is is unclear. There’s a good chance that NONE of the human characters will be back at all, and the the transformers will FINALLY be the starst of THEIR movie.  That rumor was brought into further fruition at  E Online! where Josh Duhamel said “I don’t think anybody’s doing it. I know Shia [LaBoeuf]‘s not doing it. I don’t think Tyrese or Rosie [Huntington-Whiteley] or anybody else is doing it.”

The unnamed Source from Bad Ass went on to say “Michael realized it needs to be more like the last hour [of Dark of the Moon].”  That means lots of big action, lots of carnage, lots of military badasses,  and very few silly bits. Unless bay brings some of those obnoxious Autobots back…

The movie doesn’t shoot for another year, so all this is pure speculation right now, but all the reports lead to it being accurate. Could change though as the shooting IS so far off. I for one hope this IS the case. It’s the correct step, and I think it will truly be the best movie of the franchise if Bay can pull it off. After all, the cartoon didn’t need any stinkin’ humans. Neither does the movie. I’d even take a love story between Elita One and Optimus Prime before another stupid human storyline, though I hope that Bay just sticks to two hours of non stop action.

I will be following this story closely, and hopefully there will be some major announcements at Comic Con that I can post here before it’s all over the Internet.  In any case, I will post about any future developments.

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