This week’s Marvel & DC Comic covers brings us new beginnings and deeper into old stories. From Harley getting closer to who has been attacking her to Jubilee fighting for the life of her “son”. Each cover gives us a peek at what is going on. From shattered cover of Original Sin: Avengers #33 to the fall of Batman in Batman Eternal #17. All these masterpieces are set to arrive to stores around 7/30/2014.

detail (1)

X-Men #17

The Future has come calling…and he wants his son Shogo back! But will Jubilee and the X-Men let their bouncing baby boy go without a fight? Spoiler alert: HELL NO!

detail (2)Original Sin: Avengers #33

50,000 years into the future. Holoworld: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes captured in conceptual space. How do you defeat an idea?

detail (3)Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man #3



Aquaman Annual #2

During his battle with Hercules, Aquaman unleashed an ancient evil from the days of the Greeks — so he’s called in Wonder Woman to help him clean up the mess! You can be sure the Queen of the Amazons and the King of Atlantis have plenty to talk about…if they can hear each other over the bloodcurdling screams of the Giant-Born!


Batman Eternal #17

Years ago, Gotham City faced a power Batman could barely overcome…Now, deep beneath Arkham Asylum, he will rise again, and the city will know his wrath…


Harley Quinn #8

It all comes down to this: Harley finally tracks down some of the mysterious hired killers who have vexed her since the start of the series! But what’s she going to do with them? Enter the Scatapult!

The descriptions provided for these comics are the official write-ups from their respective companies.