This week’s Marvel & DC Comic covers features the beginning of the end of a hero and  new smash hit from the creators of Powers. From the chaos from in Batgirl #32 to Hawkman fighting Emo Lobo in Justice League United #2. Each cover peels back the curtain to great story lines. From the simple yet deep cover of Wolverine #89 to the deadly in red cover of Captain Marvel #4. All these masterpieces are set to arrive to stores around 6/11/2014


Batgirl #32

Clandestine meetings, tapped phones, video surveillance – Barbara Gordon is being watched! Who has it in for her, and how can Batgirl investigate without compromising her secret identity?


Justice League United #2

It’s all out battle issue as Hawkman has a showdown with Lobo as the League is teleported to Rann to face the shape-changing alien called Byth! This looks like a job for Supergirl!


Worlds Finest #24

Get ready for action as Power Girl and Huntress begin their journey back to Earth 2! Plus, Desaad returns!


 Captain Marvel #4

Captain Marvel has a hunch about the REAL reason behind the forced resettlement of the Rocket Girl’s people and sets out with a new crew to find proof! Turns out Carol’s got a history with the man behind the plot. Rut roh. What time is it? When the bad guy tries to blackmail our hero and use the Avengers against her… Could it be PAYBACK TIME?


Wolverine #8

Logan, Iron Fist, Shang Chi vs. an army of deadly ninja. Three Months to Die – The title says it all!

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 The United States of Murder Inc. #2

This new crime epic saga from the creators of POWERS continues! Welcome to a world where the influence of organized crime has risen to a place where parts of the United States are actually fully controlled by the five families. At the end of last issue, the biggest secret in history of the five families was revealed! The newest made man, Valentine, now must figure out how he and his associate, Jagger Rose, are supposed to continue on knowing what they now know. Every issue delivers powerful visuals by Eisner Award winner Michael Avon Oeming and a story by the writer of some of your favorite Marvel comics including ALL-NEW X-MEN!


The descriptions provided for these comics are the official write-ups from their respective companies.