This week’s Marvel & DC Comic covers feature returns from two beloved characters and the beginnings of great storylines. From the return of the “real” Peter Parker and AMAZING Spider-Man to face off between eternal enemies Batman & Bane in Forever Evil Aftermath – Batman vs. Bane #1. Each cover serves as a sample of some amazing artwork. From seeing a blue Flash on the cover of Flash Annual #3 to multi-culture cover of Avengers AI #12.  All these masterpieces are set to arrive to stores around 4/30/14.



Amazing Spider-Man #1

The Greatest Super Hero of All Time RETURNS! The world may have changed since Spidey’s been gone, but so has Peter Parker. This is a man with a second chance at life, and he’s not wasting a moment of it. Same Parker Luck, new Parker attitude. Putting the “friendly” back in the neighborhood, the “hero” back into “super hero,” and the “amazing” back into “Spider-Man!” Also returning: The recharged and re-energized ELECTRO!


Avengers AI #12

The stunning conclusion of AVENGERS EMPIRE! In the year 12,000 CE, how have the Avengers evolved? It’s the Avengers vs. Dimitrios for the fate of the entire galaxy!


Avengers #28

A challenge twenty-eight issues in the making, as Bruce Banner puts the pieces together and confronts Iron Man . . .


Green Lantern New Guardians Annual #2

Don’t miss “CURSE OF THE WHITE LANTERN”! Kyle Rayner is the only being in the universe to survive passing through the Source Wall, the bizarre barrier at the end of space. He should have known there’d be consequences – terrible ones! Kyle’s mind now contains the most dangerous secret in all of creation . . . and that secret is desperate to get out and get to Earth! Don’t miss the story that plants a crucial seed for the next GREEN LANTERN epic!


Flash Annual #3

The start of a major new arc for the Fastest Man Alive! In the future, The Flash is a broken man. His powers have failed him time and again at great cost to him and the city he has sworn to protect. Now he’s coming back to 2014 to stop the one event that destroyed his life. Meanwhile, in the present, Barry Allen must contend with thieves trying to capitalize on the devastation of FOREVER EVIL. It’s a tale of two timelines that ushers in one of DC’s most storied characters – featuring The New 52 debut of WALLY WEST!


Forever Evil Aftermath Batman vs. Bane #1

The title says it all! FOREVER EVIL is over! Now, Batman has returned to take Gotham City back–by force! The only thing standing in his way? BANE! Get ready for the grudge match of the year!