Listed below are the top 25 commercials from the 2011 Super Bowl.  Instead of just sharing the ones I thought were the best, I incorporated the opinions of others into the list as well.

Honorable mentions which just missed the mark:  Budweiser’s Tiny Dancer,, Groupon, Pepsi’s Can-Shooting Cooler,, Bud Light Product Placement In A Period Piece.


25 – Stella Atrois: Adrian Brody

24 – eTrade: Suit Fitting

23 – Hyundai: Old School

22 – Chrysler: Eminem

21 – CareerBuilder: Chimps Parking Job

20 – Doritos: Super Pug wants a chip

19 – Brisk: Eminem

18 – Snickers: Roseanne Barr & Richard Lewis

17 – Sketchers: Kim Kardashian & Trainer

I don’t intend to share the videos for anything other than the “top 6 pack”, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.

Why did I make an exception for a commercial which a lot of people thought was just “average”?  Because for men all over world, this is one of the most memorable images of Super Bowl Sunday:

16 – Best Buy: Ozzy & Bieber

15 – Coca Cola: Dragon

14 – Pepsi: Can Thrower Couple

13 – Motorola Xoom (iPad Rival)

12 – Kia Optima: Epic Theft Auto

11 – Coca Cola: Border Patrol

10 – Wendys: Face-Slapping Tastiness

9 – Bud Light: Dog Party

8 – TV Moments

7 – Bridgestone: Beaver Favor Pay Back

6 – Volkswagon: Darth Vader Kid

5 – Audi: Old Luxury Prison w/ Kenny G

4 – Doritos: House Sitting (Plant, Fish, Ashes)

3 – Bridgestone: Reply All Email Fixing

2 – Teleflora: Faith Hill Message Helping

1 – Doritos: Finger Licking

Poll Time!

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