10.. Bret Hart vs British Bulldog (1992)

The event was being held at Wembley Stadium in the U.K., and the capacity crowd all but demanded that this match – which was for the Intercontinental Championship – be the main event of the evening. It featured a strong storyline, whereby Bret Hart’s sister was put at odds with her husband, Davey Boy Smith, and her brother as the duo were matched up for the Intercontinental Championship. The match was a thing of beauty, with a great finish that worked perfectly despite seemingly coming out of nowhere. Absolutely a great memory in the history of the event.


9.Triple H vs Shawn Michaels – Street Fight (2002)

The founding members of Degeneration X have been through a lot with each other, but when Shawn Michaels returned to competition after being gone for five years, SummerSlam played host to a very heated encounter.

8. CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy – TLC Match (2009)

One of the guys lives the Straight Edge lifestyle, whereas the other one has taken time away from WWE (mandated by the company in at least one case and due to personal choices in the other) for drug-related reasons (reportedly). In the promos leading up to the match, CM Punk certainly reminded everyone about it. Things got so personal that the Tables, Ladders And Chairs stipulation certainly seemed warranted.

7. The Undertaker vs The Undertaker (1994)

After the 1994 Royal Rumble, when Yokozuna put The Undertaker in a casket (with the help of a half-dozen or more heels), The Undertaker wasn’t seen for a while, actually missing the historic WrestleMania X event. Ted DiBiase showed up, claiming to have The Dead Man once again under his power, but oddities began to occur which lead you to believe that DiBiase wasn’t on the level. Paul Bearer stood up to The Million Dollar Man, saying that DiBiase’s Undertaker wasn’t the real incarnation of the legend, and that HIS Undertaker would return at SummerSlam to defeat him… and he did.

6. Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels (2005)

Despite having become a fan favorite again, Shawn Michaels turned his back on Hulk Hogan after the two had paired up for a tag match. The Sweet Chin Music floored Hulk Hogan in a spot that certainly stopped the music for a lot of us, coming out of nowhere. Hulk Hogan stood up for himself on the next show and didn’t need an explanation for the unwarranted, unprovoked attack. He just wanted a fight. Non-title matches don’t get much bigger than two Hall Of Famers squaring off.

5. Undertaker vs Edge – Hell In A Cell (2008)


The two guys who arguably carried Smackdown for the majority of the time since the show began have been Undertaker and Edge – two guys who never seemed to care that WWE considers it the “B” show. What better way to make the match between the two a bigger deal than to put it in a Hell In The Cell?

4. Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake vs Randy Savage & Zeus (1989)

Though looking back on it, the match might seem a bit lame, this was still back in the days of wrestling seeming real, and No Holds Barred was a decent quality film compared to its peers. The Zeus character seemed scary dangerous, partially due to his unpolished nature. I legitimately feared for the safety of Hogan and Beefcake at the time.


3. Stone Cold vs Kurt Angle (2001)

Back before the WCW / ECW Invasion of WWE went sour, Stone Cold Steve Austin turned his back on WWE and helped the “companies” for whom he used to be employed. Kurt Angle represented a guy Vince McMahon could trust, and since it was Kurt that Stone Cold screwed out of the championship leading up to the encounter, the match was inevitable.

2. Tables, Ladders and Chairs 1 – Hardys vs Dudley Boys vs Edge & Christian (2000)

There’s more than one TLC match on this list, and SummerSlam certainly isn’t the only pay per view event to have the match… which became so popular that WWE named an entire pay per view after it! This is the match that started them all, and a match that some people consider to be the best of its type!

1. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart – Steel Cage Match (1994)

The story built up over the course of nearly a year. It involved Owen Hart getting jealous and frustrated when he was the only member of his family’s Survivor Series team to be eliminated, and he blamed it on Bret Hart’s carelessness on the ring apron. A couple months later, Owen’s frustrations again surfaced when he and Bret failed to beat the Quebecers for the Tag Team Championships at Royal Rumble, which Owen blamed on his older brother not tagging him in near the end of the match when an opportunity surfaced. Later that evening, Bret Hart would co-win the Royal Rumble with Lex Luger, meaning both individuals would get a World Title shot at WrestleMania X. Bret Hart decided to wrestle Owen in the opening match of the evening, providing fairness for the main event, where the winner of Yokozuna vs Lex Luger would have already wrestled once, and both competitors in the night’s finale would be in their second contest of the evening. It not being a tournament, Bret Hart lost to Owen in the opener but kept his Main Event match – a match he would go on to win, defeating Yokozuna for the World Title.

Though Bret vowed that he wouldn’t put his family through the strife of defending the championship against his brother, Owen embarked on a personal quest to change The Hitman’s mind. He won the 1994 King Of The Ring tournament, albeit with a little help from Jim Neidhart, and forced his way into a title match at SummerSlam. Unlike some other steel cage matches, the structure was meant to keep outsiders from getting involved. Though perhaps the wrong man won the match, it came down to the final moments and was a great pay-off to a long storyline.


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