I’ve been noticing that there have been a LOT of top 10 and top 15 lists of various sorts, and it got me thinking a couple of days ago. Me being a video game fan and a music fan, what is the general consensus of some of the top songs in the history of the Nintendo 8-bit era. So I sat down and watched through 15 of those top 10 lists of various people and compiled a list after tallying the results and this is the results I have. Some of them you may be familiar with, some of them you may not be, and some of them you may not agree with, but remember, this is not MY opinion. This is the opinions from people on youtube, so let’s get to the list!

#10. This song appeared on 4 out of the 15 lists that I watched, and I admit it’s not one of my FAVORITE songs, but for a game that came out in 1986, it is a very good song for it’s time. Upbeat and pretty layered for it’s time, it tells you that this game was going to be pretty epic and good for being 25 years old now.

Metroid – Brinstar

#9 is a game that I’m not very familiar with, to be honest. But I can tell why people liked this theme so much. It pushed the NES capabilities to the limit with this song. It appeared on 4 out of 15 lists too, but it was #9 because it was higher overall on peoples list than the previous selection.

Blaster Master Main theme

#8 appeared on 5 out of 15 lists, and was actually one of my favorite games in the NES days. The  song at the beginning of the game was really good and set the mood for the game, saying yeah, this game is going to kick your ass the entire time (and the game was really FREAKING HARD), but the music more than made up for the difficulty of the game.

Batman Level 1

#7 on the list also appeared on 5 out of 15 lists, but again was higher because it was higher on the overall lists. If you thought the LAST game was hard, this game is infamous for being one of the hardest games EVER MADE! I’ve still yet to beat it 20 years later (without the Konami Code).  The music with the game shows the frantic nature of the game, fast paced and balls to the wall,  saying “OMG, this game is going to be the death of me!”

Contra Level 1 (Jungle Theme)

#6 appeared on 6 out of 15 lists. The Megaman series is known for their music and gameplay, and people seemed to REALLY love this theme above any Megaman song for the NES. And trust me when I say there is a LOT of good song in the Megaman series. This one personally isn’t my favorite one in the series, but it’s up there.

Megaman 2 – Dr. Wily theme

#5 on the list, also appearing on 6 out of 15 lists is another game that I really liked in my childhood. This song is pretty faced paced and electronic like and gets you in the mood to go down street and kick the hell out of some bad guys.

Double Dragon title theme

#4, also with 6 out of 15 lists, is a song that I remember so well when I was a little kid. I thought this song was a little out of place compared to the rest of the game, but the theme is freaking awesome nonetheless. It has a light, atmosphery beat to it and it swells up to epicness. It fits the level completely.

Ducktales Moon Theme

#3 appeared on 7 out of 15 lists, and honestly it REALLY surprised me that it wasn’t #1. For most of us older gamers, it was the first song that we ever heard playing a video game. It is so well known that I bet you you can walk up to anyone and they can tell you what the song is. Apparently some of these lists were from a little bit of newer gamers, but it’s no excuse why it should not be #1, but that’s just me.

Super Mario Brothers Theme

#2 appeared on 8 out of 15 lists, and if I was doing my own top 10 lists, this would actually be the right spot for it, right behind Super Mario of course. This song is very well known in it’s own right and has appeared on just about every single Nintendo system released thus far. It is one of those songs that will be forever engraved in your head once you hear it for the first time.

Legend of Zelda Overworld Theme

#1. So what could be such an “awesome” song to both beat Mario AND Zelda? A song that doesn’t deserve to be #1, in my opinion. It is a good song, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not #1 worthy. The song is catchy and a memorable song, but I just cannot put it as a #1 song, maybe #5 or #6, but definitely not #1. But 9 out of 15 people disagreed with me, and since this isn’t my Top 10 list, I have to concede to the concensus. Here is the #1 song of the NES era, based on Youtube.

Castlevania – Vampire Killer

Feel free to comment and post on this article. SNES entry to come in the next few days!