If you’re a New England Patriots fan, this is not the image you want to see coming out of today’s practice:


That’s Tom Brady on the ground, clutching his knee.

As you’ll see in the video below (until someone gets it removed from YouTube), the incident occurred during 11-0n-11 drills, and after Brady released a pass which fell incomplete, he got knocked down as Tampa Bay’s Adrian Clayborn shoving Patriots lineman Nate Solder into him and knocking him to the ground (regardless of the red jersey). Tampa Bay’s coach Greg Schiano commented on the situation after the practice: “Coach Belichick and I stressed to our teams: Let them throw the football  … Rush the passer, but go by them and don’t get around them.”

After returning to his sideline under his own power, Brady and the coaching staff eventually decided to end Brady’s practice day, sending him to the locker room early. The left knee he was clutching is the same knee which was injured Week 1 of the 2008 season, a campaign he missed in its entirety due to a torn ACL.

Source: ESPN