Bound For Glory is supposed to be TNA Wrestling’s biggest pay per view of the year, their version of Wrestlemania.  It’s supposed to have a great line-up, but what I’m seeing on the horizon for this Sunday’s flagship event looks very uninspiring.

First and foremost, I dare you to go to the Bound For Glory website and try to find the full card.  Here we are, a day after the final episode of TNA Impact, and while the card should be finalized, it’s nowhere to be found.  Why even have the website?  To remind people that tickets are on sale?  To have a two minute hype video which doesn’t talk about a single match on the card aside from brief mentions that Kurt Angle will retire if he doesn’t win the World Title and Jeff Hardy saying there’s a chance he could walk away with the top belt?

I was able to track down the full card in a remote part of, and the card is certainly disappointing based on what it could’ve been.

Main Event World Title Triple Threat Match
Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy vs Ken Anderson

This match has certainly been hyped quite a bit, with the Number One Contenders matches happening a month ago.  I still would’ve preferred to see The Pope in this match, as he is definitely gaining a considerable fanbase.  There shouldn’t be any way that Jeff Hardy leaves Bound For Glory with the World Title in his possession, given how unreliable he seems to be with his legal issues.  The Pope is just as electrifying in the ring as Jeff Hardy and this would’ve been a great way to help showcase him as a big time performer.  Jeff Hardy could’ve been involved in a different match, using his popularity to show off other performers – as there were plenty of individuals under-utilized for the flagship event.  I’ll get to that following my analysis of the rest of the card.

My prediction for the outcome: I wouldn’t be surprised if Kurt Angle took some time off from TNA Wrestling, so to see him lose wouldn’t be a shocker at all.  Ken Anderson is certainly gaining a decent following with his “asshole” schtick, so he’d be my choice to win the match.  He has a history of injury, so I would be wary of him holding the belt, but since he seems healthy at this point, give him a run and see if the investment in him can pay off.  It would be something new and potentially bring in some ratings – especially if TNA can get him on one of the late-night shows.  If Kurt Angle gets the belt back, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ratings take a dip.  That said, if I were to make the prediction, I’d say that TNA probably gives the belt to Kurt Angle once again.

Monster’s Ball: Rob Van Dam vs. “The Monster” Abyss

I’m actually a big fan of this match happening on Bound For Glory, as it’s a great way to take an angle that was once involving the World Title and let it continue (and hopefully conclude) as a non-title match, letting the World Title spice up a different match.  I personally know of a few people who are interested in this match solely based on their love of RVD, and another couple of guys who will watch anything that Abyss does because they like the character.  I can only hope that Abyss finally does away with his “Janice” weapon, as it legitimately worries me that something’s going to go wrong and he’s going to end up seriously hurting someone with it.

Prediction: I really think Rob Van Dam is going to get the win here, as he’s one of the biggest names on the TNA roster right now and he already took the fall a couple months ago to vacate the World Title.  I think after RVD gets the victory, he’s likely to be the pawn used to debut Abyss’ promised “THEY” – which will likely be underwhelming.

Lethal Lockdown:
Ric Flair’s Fourtune (AJ Styles, Kazarian, Matt Morgan, Robert Roode & James Storm)
vs. EV2.0 (Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Sabu, Rhino, Steve Richards)

I suppose that TNA did a decent job of building up to this match, as you certainly have two factions who hate one another.  My problem with the match is that some of TNA’s best performers are being thrown into a 10 man match where they won’t get as much camera time as they should be receiving were they to be involved on the card in another way.  AJ Styles was atop the PWI 500 list.  Matt Morgan has certainly proven to be a dynamic guy in the ring and on the mic.  Beer Money is one of the better tag teams in the business right now.  The only exposure to new fans those guys are getting involves people who are interested in the match either due to their interest in Ric Flair or people who like the former ECW guys.

Prediction: For as much as I’d love AJ Styles to get some friction with the rest of the group and it lead to his eventual departure, I don’t think TNA is going to have EV 2.0 win this match, so I’ll definitely predict a Fourtune victory.

Handicap Match: Sting, Kevin Nash & The Pope vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe

I suppose there are still a number of people out there who enjoy seeing Sting, Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett, but I’m not one of them.  Samoa Joe could be a great heel in TNA, and The Pope could be one of the top faces for the company, and while they’ll get some decent exposure by being in a match with the former WCW Icons, I still think they’re being misused.  And to think, Hulk Hogan was also mentioned as being part of this match (on the side of Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe).

Prediction: Someone will likely show up to help out Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett, but they’re likely going to lose the match.  If Sting’s team doesn’t win this match, Sting will keep walking around TNA talking about how Jeff Jarrett is a cancer or whatever else he wants to say about how Double J is ruining TNA… totally disregarding the efforts Ric Flair’s Fourtune.

Tag Team Title: Motor City Machineguns vs. Generation Me

With all the great tag teams involved with TNA, they pick Generation Me to be the opponents for the signature event on TNA’s calendar?  At least it’s not Ink Inc.

Prediction: Motor City Machineguns continue to roll.  If they don’t, it’ll be hard for me to tune in again – something I already have to force myself to do at this point.

X Division Title: Douglas Williams vs. Jay Lethal

So Jay Lethal beats Douglas Williams a few weeks ago for the X Division Title, then swaps the belt with Amazing Red during some recent house shows, and Lethal cuts a promo on Thursday’s Impact and doesn’t even mention his match coming up for Bound For Glory against Douglas Williams.  I actually had no idea who Lethal was going to be defending the belt against on the pay per view until I saw it on TNA Wrestling’s website.

Prediction: Unless Jay Lethal retains the belt, TNA may as well just get rid of it, because hardly anyone cares what happens with it while Douglas Williams is holding it.  Williams is a talented wrestler, but he’s wrong for the division.  Give him the TV Title.

Knockouts Title: Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara

Essentially what should be a tag team match (they still have the Knockouts Tag Team division, right?) becomes a four corners match for the womens singles championship.  Great.  With all the times TNA has done a match where a singles title can be won by someone through a tag match, they decide not to do that here because…?

Prediction: The belt will end up with Tara so that the Beautiful People can start tearing up the Knockouts tag team division.

Tag Team Match: Eric Young & Orlando Jordan vs. Ink Inc.

Congratulations to TNA for taking two guys who have been mostly left off of television over the past few months, pairing them up and placing them into a lame, last-minute-booked tag match.  Underwhelming, no doubt about it.  I’m glad Eric Young is on the card, though.

Prediction: As Orlando Jordan and Eric Young aren’t likely to be a long-term tag team pairing, I fully expect TNA to waste this opportunity and have them win.  They’ll be an odd-couple pairing for a couple of months and then they will feud and they ended up on Bound For Glory because TNA is totally lacking creativity right now.

The Unbooked

It pains me to see this roster and think about the card which could’ve been.  I don’t know the injury status of the individuals I’m listing here, but sufficed to say that I think they should’ve been used if they’re available.

Desmond Wolfe

The guy is one of the top talents in TNA – both in the ring and on the mic, and somehow he doesn’t find his way onto the card?  He and Magnus had started the London Brawling tag team, and while the name could use some help, they’d certainly be a credible tag team to hold the belts, which makes them a much better option to face the Motor City Machineguns than Generation Me.  That would’ve made the tag title match far more intriguing.  If TNA wants London Brawling to be the next champions but they feel like Bound For Glory is too soon to pull the trigger on that, why not have Wolfe & Magnus defeat Team 3D at the event, or even Ink Inc or Eric Young & Orlando Jordan?  It also wouldn’t hurt to get a look at Chelsea more often.

Brian Kendrick

I was always a fan of Brian Kendrick from the moment he showed up in WWE, through his time in the Londrick tag team (with Paul London).  When he came to TNA I thought that was a great sign of things to come, and for a while I looked to be dead wrong, as he was either used as a jobber to put over other people, or he wasn’t used at all.  Recently he’s actually been given some wins and a signature move, so I thought things were looking up for him.  I guess I was wrong.  Wouldn’t it have been better to have him face Jay Lethal at the big event?  He could’ve easily been the one to get a 1 (or 2) day run with the belt during a house show tour, and he could’ve done a heated attack on Lethal during Jay’s recent promo from his home in New Jersey, and boom, instant heat, with a quality match yet to come at the pay per view.  Douglas Williams could’ve still be involved in the pay per view if it had been a three-way, or they could’ve paired him up with Wolfe and/or Magnus as part of a Freebirds style tag team or in a six-man tag match.  Nope, TNA leaves him off the card.


Things looked bright for Hernandez as a singles competitor, and I have to think that his omission from the card is due to injury.  If not, this is probably one of the biggest names who aren’t listed in a match at Bound For Glory.  It wouldn’t surprise me if TNA just decided they didn’t have anything for him, as TNA did just recently release Homicide from his contract – another big mistake.

Amazing Red

So the guy gets a one-day X Division Title reign and he’s not on the pay per view card at all?  He’s not great on the mic, but he’s good in the ring, so he could prove to be an exciting part of the show.

Team 3D

If these guys are still on the roster, you’ll have to explain to me how they were left off the biggest pay per view of the year.  Were they getting stale?  Maybe a little bit, but that’s because they were never fully integrated into the EV 2.0 angle like they could’ve been.  Not even injury could explain why they aren’t involved in a match at Bound For Glory.  Like them or not, they’re big names who have been an integral part of the TNA landscape for years, and their mic skills are more than adequate to have them help build up one of the matches to be on the card.


Okay, so maybe I’m the only one who thinks this guy is a talent, so no one else is going to complain that his streak of not being involved in pay per views continues.  They could be doing a lot more with him.