Two months ago when TNA announced it was moving its IMPACT broadcast to Monday Nights in order to battle RAW, I proclaimed it to be a stupid move.

And it was.  You don’t need to know how badly TNA got killed in the ratings the past two months to know that.

Tonight, they took a step in the right direction:  they announced that they’re moving IMPACT back to Thursday Nights.

While I still see a lot of the booking / storyline decisions they make to be failures, there are a lot of things I enjoy about TNA Impact.  Once they move back to Thursday nights, their ratings will have an opportunity to grow, as they won’t be forced to pull viewers away from the #1 rated show on cable (Monday Night RAW) in order to increase their number of viewers.  They also won’t have to deal with Monday Night Football or any of the other highly rated programs on Monday Nights.

If you haven’t been watching TNA IMPACT the past couple months – and who can blame you, with Wrestlemania 26 and the WWE Draft thrown in there – you should give it a try in 10 days when it shows up on Spike TV as part of the Thursday Night line-up yet again.