Sunday June 12th is one of TNA’s two flagship pay per views of the year. The results of the matches on the card, given the way the card is setup, could have a profound impact (pardon the pun) on the future of TNA Wrestling.

Matt Morgan vs Scott Steiner

This is make it or break it time for Matt Morgan. This is the point at which the feud between these two needs to be finished, and it needs to go Matt Morgan’s favor. Scott Steiner is a huge name in this business who loses no credibility by losing to Matt Morgan. Steiner could still be a World Champion in TNA someday if they need a veteran with skills to lend some additional credibility to their belt. Matt Morgan should be a World Champion someday, and his road to that end should start here. If TNA decides to give Scott Steiner the win, they either doesn’t believe Matt Morgan could be a World Champion or they are in the process of making some stupid booking decisions.

Crimson vs Samoa Joe

This is the second opportunity for Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff to deal with a big match with a top name and an undefeated competitor. Or, it should be. TNA hasn’t cared about Samoa Joe for over a year, and while he should be one of their biggest stars, he’s not being treated that way, so Crimson should continue his undefeated streak and set something up between the two a year from now with a championship on the line.

X-Division Title – Abyss (c) vs Kazarian vs Brian Kendrick

TNA seems to be rebranding this title to be the “Extreme” Championship, which it basically was anyway, and that’s how Abyss fits into the division. There’s still as much potential for this title as there ever was, and honestly this match could go either way and I could be satisfied. In the end, I think it should be Brian Kendrick with the win, as he is an exciting competitor with some decent skills on the mic, and right now he’s just lacking in credibility, which a title reign with some exciting title defenses could really add.

James Storm & Alex Shelley vs The British Invasion

The only reason I’m even slightly torn on this one is because both of these teams deserves the win. The British Invasion lost a lot of traction over the past few months, and this could serve to help build them back up. That said, I really love the potential for Alex Shelley and James Storm to keep working together for several reasons. They could be a great tag team pairing in so far as their movesets are vastly different while they both have a fun-loving attitude. Also, that would free up Robert Roode to be a singles competitor and make his long overdue run into the main event. That can’t happen while he’s teamed up as one of the best tag teams in the business. That said, Beer Money IS one of the best teams in the business, and de-pairing them would detract from the division a bit. I say de-pairing because I’d keep this trio together as a stable, adding in Chris Sabin when he returns, and have Robert Roode take a run at a singles championship. If Shelley & Storm lose the belts tonight, there’s very little chance they’ll ever reunite, and there’s even less of a chance that Robert Roode will become a singles competitor in 2011.

Mickie James (c) vs Angelina Love

Though I love Mickie James as the Knockouts Champion, I’m not sure what other stories she has to tell at the moment, and the Winter / Angelina Love / Velvet Sky love triangle thing they’ve got going on is far more intriguing. Put the belt onto Angelina Love, give her a win over someone in the Knockouts division, then give Velvet Sky a win over her to give the hottest knockout in the business a singles championship reign, which can then lead to Angelina Love vs Winter, a feud that was built up long term and has a big payout match (or two or three) without even needing a championship on the line. Meanwhile, Mickie James can team up with Tara to take on the Knockouts Tag Team Champions Rosita and Sarita.

ODB vs Velvet Sky

In order for the aforementioned plan to work, ODB has to win this match. She could use some credibility rebuild, and Velvet Sky could get the win next month, leading to her being the new number one contender to Angelina Love while allowing Love a little bit of time to hold the belt to give the reign some credibility.

Last Man Standing Match – Bully Ray vs AJ Styles

As much as I enjoy the work Bully (formerly Brother-/Bubba-) Ray has been doing as a singles competitor, I think AJ Styles is the best bet here. He’s the biggest thing TNA Wrestling has to build upon if they’re going to take their company to the next level. He’s got all the tools and he’s still young enough to keep things going for them for a while.

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett

In this big payoff match, with no Karen Jarrett anywhere to be found and Kurt Angle’s Olympic Gold Medal on the line, Kurt Angle should be the victor.

World Championship Match: Sting (c) vs Mr Anderson

If Sting retains the championship here and doesn’t help pass the torch, I’m not sure there’s much hope for TNA. He’s definitely one of the most popular competitors on the roster, certainly the most well known (Hogan doesn’t count, since he’s not on the roster), but Ken Anderson could be a huge part of the future of this company, and he needs a serious World Title reign to help build his credibility.  He’s a heel, and most of the guys right now who seem primed to make a run at the World Title (Kurt Angle, RVD, AJ Styles, Crimson, Samoa Joe and Robert Roode) could each come after him as faces. Sting, in the meantime, can target anyone Bischoff wants to throw at him, especially Jeff Jarrett.