Although the rate at which my predictions are correct, I still like to see if I can guess how the outcomes of wrestling and MMA pay per view events will transpire.  Tonight’s Sacrifice pay per view by TNA Wrestling is no different.  Let’s dive in, right from the top!

TNA World Championship
RVD (c) vs. AJ Styles

This match more than any of the others on the card, is tough for me to predict.  I’m thinking that with RVD’s popularity and the large number of heels against whom he could defend the belt, the best option would be to keep the belt on RVD.  If AJ Styles gets the belt back, the only options I could see challenging him for the belt at Slammiversary are The Pope, Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy and Abyss, and I think any of those options would be the wrong way to go.  I wouldn’t want to see The Pope win the belt because it would mean that in a short span of time the belt traded hands three times (Styles –> RVD –> Styles –> Pope).  I don’t want to see Jeff Jarrett with the belt because I think TNA needs to continue to keep its focus on the youth movement.  Jeff Hardy wouldn’t be a bad opponent for AJ, so long as Styles retains in that match.  I don’t think Abyss is the right option either because I don’t think his character is the right type of competitor to be the next person to hold the belt after AJ Styles.  If RVD retains against AJ, that means we could see defense opportunities against Desmond Wolfe, Matt Morgan, Sting, Eric Young and even Samoa Joe in the coming months, with each match feeling fresh and buzzing with the idea that the belt could change hands.
Prediction (and hope):
RVD retains

X-Division Championship
Kaz (c) vs. Douglas Williams

I think Kaz is the right person to hold the X-Division Championship right now.  He has a good fanbase and a great moveset and is much better on the mic than Doug Williams.  I like the angle where Doug Williams is obsessed with the X-Division Title, and I think that could easily evolve into something where he gets over-aggressive with other opponents after failing to regain the champion status at Sacrifice.
Prediction (and hope): Kaz

Tag Team Championships
The Band (Hall and Nash) (c) vs. Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal)

I wasn’t totally sold on The Band when it was Hall / Nash / Waltman, but with the man formerly known as X-Pac getting his walking papers in exchange for Eric Young joining the group, I find myself very interested in the possibilities.  I like the way Hall and Nash won themselves the belts on Impact, and although I’m wary that Scott Hall will be reliable enough to put together another good title run for The Outsiders (that’s right, a 15 year-old reference), I really like the potential for Eric Young to step up if Hall no-shows.  I also like the idea that this three-man group can help push the young and talented Eric Young into bigger opportunities within the company.  This is exactly the way guys like Hall and Nash should be utilized in TNA – to help the younger talents.  I think if TNA decides to put the belts on “Ink Inc.”, it would be the wrong idea at this point.  Shannon and Jesse are both moderately exciting competitors and could be an interesting team, but give them some time to grow as a team so they don’t seem like they were just sort of thrown together.  Besides, The Band has a potentially great feud coming up with the Motor City Machine Guns that I’m highly anticipating.
Prediction (and hope): The Band

Global Championship
Rob Terry (c) vs. Orlando Jordan

The people I talk to are divided on whether or not they like Orlando Jordan’s “Freak” gimmick, but I fall into the category of those who are accepting of it as a heel persona.  I didn’t mind almost two decades ago when Dustin Runnels portrayed the Goldust character with his questionable, sexually-charged tactics.  Orlando Jordan is said to be openly-bisexual behind the scenes, and I think this gimmick is an interesting way to pray on some guys’ fears and their lack of comfort with people who have homosexual desires.  I think it’s great that TNA has paired him up against Rob Terry, a very macho, muscle-bound character.  I think the feud will help add depth to Rob Terry and give the Global Championship a shot in the arm, as it hasn’t really been seen as a thing of value for months.  I think the right move is to give the belt to Orlando Jordan for a little while and see what he can do while running with it for a while.  I think TNA will agree with that, allowing Orlando Jordan to build on the momentum he has already gained.
Prediction (and hope): Orlando Jordan

Title vs. Career
Knockouts Championship
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Tara

I think it’s great that TNA is putting its eggs in the Beautiful People trio, as far as the Knockouts Championships are concerned.  They’ve always been a very interesting part of TNA, both fun to look at as well as being great characters.  As much as I enjoy Madison Rayne’s in-ring work, I would like to see Tara win the Knockouts Championship in this match.  Alas, I’ve heard that Tara is likely retiring from wrestling, so I don’t expect her to win this match.  If this is her last match (even if it’s only a short retirement), I’m glad Tara came to TNA and escaped the black-hole in WWE’s women’s division.
Prediction: Madison Rayne
Hope: Tara

Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

Though at times I’ve been a fan of both Sting and Jeff Jarrett, for the past year or two I’ve really felt like they were taking up too much room in TNA and should move aside for the younger generation.  I don’t feel like Jeff Jarrett fits in well with the young talent at this point, and I feel like Sting’s best use would be to help put over the younger guys.  I’m not looking forward to this match for any other reason than it will free both of them up to help work with the younger talent and help TNA go in the right direction.  I will say that I hope Sting finds a way to play a heel role with some passion, because I’ve yet to see him fully commit to being a bad guy at any point in his career, and even after his violent attack of RVD in the first match RVD had in TNA, Sting has started to show the signs of not being committed to being a heel in the past couple shows.  I don’t really care how this one ends, though I guess I do have a prediction.
Prediction: Sting (because it opens him up for a pay per view main event against RVD)
Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

Both of these guys are likely past their prime in this business, but I’d be happy to see either one of these guys get the TNA World Championship.  I think Ken Anderson has found a way to evolve his character, and so long as he doesn’t start on his injury-prone ways again, I think it would be good if they kept investing in him.  Jeff Hardy needs to get past his personal demons and await the outcome of his felony charges before TNA does too much with him.
Prediction (and hope): Mr. Anderson

Chelsea vs. Ring
Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss

Given what happened on this past week’s Impact, I think the only viable thing to happen would be to have Abyss win, unless they want to keep putting the screws to Abyss for this entire pay per view cycle.  If you didn’t see it, Abyss was taken off by the police, charged with assaulting Chelsea… though by the end of the episode it was shown to actually be a rouse by Desmond Wolfe the entire time.  I would only pick Desmond Wolfe to be the winner of this match if the “ring” on the line is the one Abyss won from Ric Flair a couple weeks ago.  I’m not too much in favor of Chelsea having to follow Abyss around anyway.  I think she’s a valuable member of Flair’s team and a great valet for Desmond Wolfe.
Prediction: Desmond Wolfe
Hope: Abyss

#1 Contender Three Way Tag Team Match
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D vs. Beer Money

I feel like we’ve seen this match already on an episode (or two) of Impact in the past month or so.  Each of these teams is deserving of being considered to be the #1 contenders to the World Tag Team Championships, but TNA needs to pick the Motor City Machine Guns to win.  They’re the best options to feud with The Band, as they have the most to gain by getting “the rub” from Hall and Nash.  I don’t believe the Motor City Machine Guns have ever been tag team champions in TNA aside from bringing championships to Impact that they won in Japan (IWGP?).  TNA missed the boat once by not putting the belts onto Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley back when they were at their most popular in TNA, but after a resurgence in popularity, the Motor City Machine Guns will hopefully get their shot this time.
Prediction (and hope): Motor City Machine Guns