I wasn’t able to see the pay per view, so I talked to someone who did – Stan Grubb, the co-host of WrestleRage Radio
– and I got his perspective on how it went in hopes of determining whether to be optimistic or pessimistic about TNA’s future.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how good was TNA Lockdown 2011?

Stan Grubb: 3.5 maybe a 4. The X Division and Kurt Angle’s performance stood out, but not enough to rescue this event.

Did any of the matches steal the show, or were the two main events (Lethal Lockdown and the World Championship three-way) the best matches of the ppv?

Stan Grubb: Angle vs Jarrett surprised me as the standout. Angle showed once again that he can still perform at a high level. I am not a huge Jarrett fan but he managed to put together a good performance as well. The powerbomb from the top rope from Jarrett to Angle was devastating and I still do not know how Kurt is alive still. Kurt pulled
off a moonsault from the top of the cage. This was another high spot that made me cringe. Amazing moments made this match great. Good storytelling made it the MotN. Too bad the rest of the show wasn’t enough to go any further.

Any stand-out competitors of the evening?

Stan Grubb: Kurt Angle, for certain.

I was really interested to see Christopher Daniels return to the company. Was he featured at all in any significant spots during the Lethal Lockdown match?

Stan Grubb: Featured? Yeah as much as you can be in a cluster match like lethal lockdown. He had some good spots, nothing that made him stand out.

I saw an image of Christopher Daniels and Matt hardy atop the lockdown cage roof. Was there any kind of significant spot that went along with that?

Stan Grubb: There were two. One had Daniels take a suplex and almost tear his knee out as it got caught in the cage. The second was a twist of hate from Matt Hardy that looked quite painful.

I heard that Mickie James beat Madison Rayne to become the Knockouts Champion. From the way that match transpired, does it look like that feud is going to be continuing, or are there any other challengers who seem to be stepping up?

Stan Grubb: Mickie James destroyed Rayne in almost less than 30 seconds. Hard to imagine this goes any further, but this is TNA we’re talking about so it’s anybody’s guess.

Was the ending to Jarrett vs Angle as over-booked as the results made it sound?

Stan Grubb: No, but that is because of the players involved. I will say that having Jarrett win makes me wonder how Kurt can possibly bounce back from this.

What exactly happened after the World Championship match between Hogan and Sting?

Stan Grubb: Nothing really. There was a stupid staredown between them and Hogan played the scared heel as he backed down claiming it would happen on his time. Thing is, if he is in charge, isn’t it always his time??!

Have there been any hints to what the SACRIFICE ppv might hold?

Stan Grubb: None that I could tell except for maybe Sting vs Hogan and yet another Anderson vs RVD match.

I’ve been a Samoa Joe fan since his RoH days. How was his match with The Pope? Think things will progress between them, or might the feud be finished?

Stan Grubb: Seemed like a run of the mill match. Joe comes away with the win as he choked out the Pope. This should end their feud.

Did the announcers make any mention of Ink Inc becoming #1 contenders with the win in the four-way, or is that just speculation?

Stan Grubb: There was no mention that I heard, but even if there had been it would not matter. They will have to defend this spot all summer till they get a shot.

Is Mad Max Buck showing any signs of having the type of skill necessary to help revive the X Division, or is he still a spot monkey?

Stan Grubb: This match was the highspot festival we all expected. I think Max being anything but a spot monkey is unrealistic. We are what we are. Yeah, he’s a spot monkey but that is the role he should be playing.

Did Jay Lethal seem to have much in the way of storyline heat with any of the other guys in his match, or is he still wandering aimlessly?

Stan Grubb: Lethal did not seem to get much attention. They acknowledged his feud with Robbie E but that’s the most he really got. That’s a real shame too because Jay Lethal is a pretty amazing X-Division wrestler.

Speaking of amazing X-Division competitors, I don’t suppose Alex Shelley made an appearance or even got mentioned, did he?

Stan Grubb: I don’t think he was mentioned and i didn’t see him.

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