Following a questionable BOUND FOR GLORY event, TNA Impact Wrestling is apparently under new creative management, and the new era is much more interesting than anything in the two years prior to it. Tonight, the TURNING POINT pay per view is upon us, and the card actually looks exciting. Whether it’s worth purchasing on pay per view or not is up to you. Let’s look at each of the matches:

Jeff Hardy vs Jeff Jarrett

Both of these guys are talented, both in-ring and on the mic, and neither of them should be directly in the World Championship picture at this point. There are better options for guys who should be on the card, like Samoa Joe and D’Angelo Dinero for example, but this isn’t a terrible match for them to book. I’m guessing Jeff Jarrett will get the win to continue the feud to keep them both busy for a while.

Crimson vs Matt Morgan

The feud continues between these two, and it’s probably going to be an above-average match. These guys are a big part of the future for TNA Impact Wrestling, and they need to be on almost every pay per view card. I don’t think it’s time to end Crimson‘s pay per view winning streak yet (I assume his overall winning streak continues, but I don’t know for sure).

Knockouts Championship
Velvet Sky (c) vs Gail Kim

This is a match I’m very excited to see on the card. It matches up one of the hottest looking women in the business against one of the best wrestling women in the business. Let’s keep the strap on the hottie (Velvet Sky) for now and let her get better in the ring – an inevitable outcome from wrestling Gail Kim.

World Tag Team Championship Six Person Tag
Mexican America (c) vs Ink Inc

The tag division is far less interesting than it has been in past years, but at least the belts are being defended on pay per view. I’m definitely predicting that Ink Inc ends up with the belts, especially because each team has a female competitor on it to allow the match to expand to the three-competitor squads. That will also allow Toxxin to make a name for herself and end up as a challenger to Velvet Sky, providing a huge juxtaposition in that Knockouts match in future months.

No Disqualification
Rob Van Dam vs Christopher Daniels

I’m just happy it’s not another match between A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels, as there are much bigger opportunities that Styles should be involved in. This match should help push Christopher Daniels up the card. I don’t think the feud between RVD and Daniels should end here, and I also don’t think Daniels should be World Champion anytime soon (if at all), but on this card, Daniels should get the win.

Mr Anderson & Abyss vs Bully Ray & Scott Steiner

Mr Anderson should continue to be a big part of what TNA Impact Wrestling is doing, and used in the right role, the other three guys in this match can be good contributors to the overall product. This match is hard to predict because I haven’t been watching week after week and this could lead to any number of feuds. Give Mr Anderson a victory… otherwise just make sure he comes out of this match with something to do for the next couple months.

Television Title
Eric Young (c) vs Robbie E

I don’t know why, but I like this booking. I don’t know that there’s anything super special about Robbie E, but I like the fact that Eric Young and the Television Title are getting pay per view time, and a feud for this championship would be a really good thing. I’d continue to push Eric Young, but the best thing for him might be to have Robbie E get the belt (oh, imagine the crazy promos they could do with a Jersey Shore rip-off holding a TELEVISION championship). I’d love to see a Samoa Joe / Robbie E feud.

X-Division Championship Three-Way
Austin Aries (c) vs Jesse Sorensen vs Kid Kash

This should be a great match, and I really like the potential for this contest to put the belt on either Kid Kash or Jesse Sorenson while not detracting from a great competitor in Austin Aries. I like the potential with Kid Kash getting the belt, letting his rival Jesse Sorensen continue their feud and eventually put the belt on the youngster while Austin Aries moves on to bigger and better things.

World Championship
Bobby Roode (c) vs A.J. Styles

GREAT World Title match. I’m very tempted to buy the event just for this match alone. A.J. Styles belongs in the main event scene, and Bobby Roode deserves to have great opponents to compete against to help build up his reputation. Way too early for Bobby Roode to let go of the belt just yet. In fact, I’d probably let him hold it until February, at which time I’d probably have A.J. Styles be the one to take the strap from him.