In years past, TNA Wrestling was a must-watch. The wrestling was great and the young performers were starting to come into their own and show great personality despite often weak storylines. Things started to devolve, and opportunities to make popular performers the highlight of the show were missed, and the show became frustrating to watch.

Now and again, it’s good to check back in with TNA Impact to see if they’re on the right course. Without even having to watch the weekly productions over the past few months, the build-up to Slammiversary can be viewed from a month-to-month basis to see whether they’re making good use of their competitors and building things up to encourage people to purchase their pay per views.

Hernandez vs Kid Kash

Kid Kash hasn’t been seen on pay per view since January’s GENESIS. Hernandez hasn’t been on pay per view since November of last year – a shame, as “Super Mex” seemed to be poised at one point for a potential World Title shot after splitting from the hugely popular L.A.X. tag team. Kash (as some of my friends call the 42-year-old performer) is the type who knows tends to have praise-worthy performances and isn’t terrible on the microphone. I could see this as a jumping-off point for both competitors.

Devon and Garrett Bischoff vs Robbie E & Robbie T

I like that they’re at least trying something with the Robbies, but I’m not sure that Garrett Bischoff deserves a spot on the pay per view over some of the guys who don’t (such as Chris Sabin and Eric Young).

Bully Ray vs Joseph Park

So Abyss comes back… pretending to be his brother? The treatment of Abyss is something I’ve never understood. They took a good character who fans got into, and they tried to complicate things way too far. The match should be a good one though, unless they storyline the hell out of it.

Gail Kim (c) vs Miss Tessmacher

After having this match on last month’s Sacrifice pay per view, you’d think maybe they’d freshen things up a bit by having this be a three-way, but I can’t complain too much about this one, aside from saying that Velvet Sky is clearly the most popular TNA Knockout and she should be there instead of one of these two.

Christopher Daniels & Kaz (c) vs AJ Styles & Kurt Angle

Great concept for a match. Kurt Angle needs to be in the position where he’s helping showcase the talents of others, and the other three guys in this match are far too talented to be left off a pay per view.

Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe

Both of these guys are great competitors worthy of being featured on the show. If this match isn’t at least 14 minutes long, TNA is doing it wrong. In fact, this should be the #1 contenders match instead of the Former-WWE-Guys Three-way

Crimson vs TBA

There’s actually a bit of discussion about who the mystery opponent might be, so TNA deserves some credit here. The names Christian, King Mo, Goldberg and a host of others have been thrown about. My main hope: TNA has been planning for something for weeks and isn’t just throwing someone into the match.

Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson vs RVD

This match should’ve been handled at a prior pay per view. One of these guys should be the challenger in the main event.

Bobby Roode (c) vs Sting

Sting has only competed in one pay per view match since last October’s Bound For Glory, and when Sting had competed, it was in a losing effort to Bobby Roode in March. I understand that “it’s STING”, but at some point it’s time for TNA to make some of their young competitors a bigger focal point than their 50-year-old legends.

Overall Interest Level:

I’ll check it on the replay if someone tells me it was worth watching, but I’m tempted to tune in to a couple of the matches.