Welcome to the third edition of TNA: The Good, The Bad, And The WTF?, the greatest TNA-centric wrestling column to grace GuysNation.com. What we intend to do here is not simply tell you what happens in TNA but using my 14 years of wrestling mega-fandom and my habit of over-analyzing things I am going to tell you simply what rocked about the programming and what stunk about it. The highs and lows so you can judge for yourself if it’s all worth your time. Also as the ‘net-loving acronym in my title exclaims I’ll also highlight the segments and angles that make you go “Wait? Did I really just see that? Seriously?” Since we did our recap of the show in general last week let’s get down to the nitty gritty this week. The three things that stood out the most about IMPACT!

The Good:

The Bound For Glory Series. See, this I like. Bound For Glory is TNA’s equivalent of Wrestlemania, which I’ve always found amusing since they also have Slammiversary which is their end of “TNA Year” PPV. Why not combine them? Alas though TNA says BFG is the big one so having a way of making the number one contender be earned is a great idea. That it’s determined by a series of matches by a select group of worthy is nice.

I’m not sure that TNA will keep the momentum of it strong over three months but at least they are trying something that makes sense. For Now. I’m going to be optimistic, dear readers. I’m going to assume they don’t mess this up for the sake of trying to be “innovative and surprising”. Seeing RVD get a close victory over Samoa Joe was a great start to the BFG Series so I hold out hope. Good Thing TNA.

The Bad:

Gunner. You know that works as a last name. “Jason Gunner”. But as his only name? Fine, he’s a jobber who only shows up to get his butt whipped in record time, right? Please tell me TNA isn’t making a guy named GUNNER who thinks “Jeeper Creeper” eyes is all you need in the realm of charisma? Um… sorry Little Jimmy. Two weeks in a row Gunner has been in the main event and pinning world champions. WHY? No one in the audience wanted to see that. Not to mention this second week was against NEW champion Mr. Anderson…………………… ANDERSON! (he paid me to do that).

Way to make the new champ look good guys.

Being beaten by a Matt Morgan? Sure. TNA has been saying he’s a future world champion and putting him in main event slots for a long time now. But a guy who two months ago couldn’t get a promo to save his life, let alone be treated like B-Level let alone top guy? There is Rocket Ship to the top, and being strapped to the Challenger.


Eric Young. Why? He was really starting to come into his own as a serious heel. World Elite (Wiki it for those honestly new to TNA) and The Band (please don’t call us nWo or Vinny Mac will sue. Again.) showed that Eric Young was ready to move beyond Super Eric and all that other goofy tripe that has prevented him for making a serious attempt to break out and be the top talent his in-ring abilities show. So what does TNA do with him as soon as The Band falls apart?

REWIND! Yep he goes back to GoofBall King. The worst part is? Just like Gunner a few weeks back Eric got a pinfall victory over Mr. Anderson………………… ANDERSON! (cashes check). Granted Anderson was only the number one contender then but the point is a guy that was on the verge of being the top talent gets pinned by a person TNA has taught us is nothing more than a sideshow act and then…… drops the ball on it. Instead of using this as a way to move Eric up the roster and give him a more solid direction, TNA just forgets. Seriously what did EY do this past episode? Beat up a non-wrestler because he is so goofy Matt Morgan tricked him. I hate you guys so much.

*loads a rifle with LSD-laced darts*

It’s okay. Now Russo’s booking will make sense. I think I have enough for everyone.

Okay I’m leaving now but I’ll give you some sugar. Say Hello to your Knockouts Champion, Mickie James!