TNA Wrestling is causing some confusion with the naming of their next pay per view. Every year, TNA has two pay per views it considers to be its biggest: Bound for Glory and Slammiversary.

Next month’s pay per view, set to take place June 13th, is Slammiversary, and despite only being the sixth such pay per view event, TNA Wreslting has dubbed the pay per view to be Slammiversary VIII (8 in Roman Numerals).

Slammiversary VIII

At first I thought it might be a typo, but I was able to find information that would clear this up.  The designation of this being the 8th Slammiversary doesn’t refer to the number of Slammiversary events TNA has produced (which is the case in the numbering of WWE’s Wrestlemanias, of which there have been 26), but it’s a reference to this being the 8th anniversary of TNA’s first event back in 2002.

I understand where TNA is coming from with this naming, and in their defense, none of the previous events have been given official numeric designations, though the 2007 event’s poster did prominantly feature the “V” in “SlammiVersary”, which would seem to indicate an unofficial numbering as the 5th event.



Hopefully TNA does a good job on its shows selling the fact that this is more of an anniversary event since TNA’s inception and that the numbers don’t seek to imply that they’ve had 8 such events, because it did not occur in the first two years of TNA’s existence.