October 10th, 2010 – a day which will live in infamy for fans of TNA wrestling… or will it?

To some, the event was already a disappointment before a single match was wrestled, given the way the card had shaped up.  Due to extenuating circumstances, I wasn’t able to order the event to watch live, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to waste spend the money on it anyway.  Having read more than one review of the event, I’m split on how I feel about what transpired.  Obviously the main event would have the biggest impact (pardon the pun), but I’ll run through the card to give my feelings on it.

Motor City Machine Guns defeat Generation Me in what’s being called a 5 star match

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While part of me doubts  this will be a Match Of The Year candidate (TNA fans tend to exaggerate the “awesomeness” of what they see in the ring), I’m sure it was an entertaining contest.  I’m very happy that there was no title switch in this match, as Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin deserve a lengthy reign.  While I would’ve put a different team into Generation Me’s spot, it’s at least good that TNA is helping build up another credible tag team.

New Era +1 (1-0)

Ink Inc defeat Eric Young & Orlando Jordan, and Eric Young turns on his tag team partner

This match could’ve easily gone in a different direction, given TNA booking trends, but I’m glad it didn’t.  While Ink Inc isn’t one of my favorite teams, they’re at least an established pairing, so giving them more credibility is a good thing, especially since they’re both relatively young.  Another thing about this match which I liked was Eric Young turning his back on Orlando Jordan.  The fans love Eric Young, and aside from some foolishness at random times over the past few months, EY has been mostly missing in action since Hogan and Bischoff showed up, which is a complete mystery to me.  I don’t care who Eric Young’s feuding partner is, I’m just glad he’s getting highlighted again.

New Era +2 (3-0)

Tara wins the Knockouts Championship in the four-way match

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The original Beautiful People are a great tandem and should rightly be in the Knockouts Tag Team Division, so the fact that neither of them walks away with the singles title is a good thing.  When one of them has it, the other one just becomes the sidekick, and that’s not a good thing as far as they’re concerned.  Madison Rayne is a talented competitor, but she can’t really carry the division, and with the aftermath of her arguing with Tara and then Mickie James getting involved, it sets up for a good Madison vs Mickie feud which can feature some great wrestling.  Tara is a great wrestler and can have some good matches against other members of the division who didn’t get the chance to compete on Bound For Glory like Sarita, Taylor Wilde and Hamada.

New Era +2 (5-0)

Jay Lethal retains the X Division Title and then gets the belt taken by the Jersey Shore wannabes

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Having Doug Williams lose the match and fail to reclaim the X Division belt is a good thing, as Jay Lethal is just as important to the future of TNA Wrestling as the Motor City Machineguns.  The fact that the Jersey Shore wannabes got involved in the aftermath at least tells me that TNA is going to put some time and effort into the X Division, which is a good thing.  I just hope that we get to see if that Robbie E guy is skilled in the ring before TNA decides whether to give him a title reign or not.  I’d personally like to see Jay Lethal hold the belt for a while.

New Era +1 (6-0)

Sting & Kevin Nash defeat Samoa Joe when Jeff Jarrett turns on Samoa Joe, leaving him to be pinned

Originally it sounded like Jeff Jarrett was joining Nash and Sting, but the aftermath of the main event held that to not be the case.  By his actions, Jeff Jarrett gets himself square in the target of Samoa Joe, which should be alright given the angle Jeff Jarrett is involved in otherwise.  I’m not a huge fan of the spotlight being placed on Jeff Jarrett at this point in his career, but if it means Samoa Joe gets booked into something meaningful, I’m okay with that.  Who knows where this leaves Nash / Sting / The Pope.

Debacle +1, New Era +1 (7-1 in favor of New Era)

Rob Van Dam defeated Abyss in the Monsters Ball

This is the right outcome for that match, allowing for both guys to move on to something new in the coming months.

No accounting needed here

EV2.0 won Lethal Lockdown over Flair’s “Fourtune”

This is definitely a debacle.  You take some of the top guys in TNA, put them into a hot stable with plenty of possibility, and then you have them lose a big match like this to a group of guys who, for the most part, won’t be on the roster six months from now?  Misguided.  Flair’s squad should’ve won the match, and if TNA wanted Tommy Dreamer to get some revenge on AJ Styles, have him take the Television Title from AJ on an upcoming Impact. In the process you wasted the times of Beer Money, Matt Morgan, Kaz and AJ Styles.  I would account for the fact that Brian Kendrick got involved against Kazarian, setting up a potential future feud for those two, but if TNA wanted to do that, they could’ve officially put Kendrick on the side of EV 2.0.

Debacle +3 (7-4)

Jeff Hardy wins the World Heavyweight Championship with some outside involvement from Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, with Jeff Jarrett and Abyss joining in on the celebration

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Ugh.  I don’t particularly like Jeff Hardy as the TNA World Champion, given his legal issues, but this is the first time I can remember that Jeff Hardy is a heel, so I’m willing to give that aspect of it a chance.  Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff turning heel?  Not a fan of that happening.  Jeff Jarrett joining them?  I’m not really a fan of that either, but at least he won’t be too far into the spotlight in this feud, with Hogan and Hardy certainly bigger personalities than he is.  Abyss being part of the group, which makes this the payoff of the “THEY” storyline?  That’s something of a debacle, too.  It’s totally beyond my comprehension how Abyss fits into that group, given his current crazed persona – which doesn’t work well for him to be the hired hand for a corporate group.  At the very least I thought we’d get an appearance by Father James Mitchell or Sandman or someone.

Debacle +2 (7-6 in favor of New Era)

The net outcome of the Bound For Glory pay per view is that it’s the dawning of a new era, but it’s fairly lose to being even parts “New Era” and “Debacle”.  Weeks from now, months from now, years from now when I look back at this event, I’m not going to remember the good things they did.  I’m likely going to remember the things which seemed like a debacle.  Those are the more memorable moments from the event, and that’s not a good thing.  All in all, the majority of the rest of the TNA landscape did benefit by the event, so I suppose they’re in better shape now than they were a couple months ago, but it all depends on the fallout from the “THEY” angle and where TNA goes from here.

In case you’re interested in more images of Mickie James and The Beautiful People, I’ve got the hookup.

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