Just as our society likes to recognize outstanding individuals in a Hall Of Fame, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that there’s a need for the opposite. Public shaming of individuals who deserve for their actions to be ridiculed is one way which we can help cast a disparaging light on those who are famous for things which aren’t actions to be repeated.

It’s time for a Knucklehead Hall of Shame.

Through this article series, I and others will list individuals or groups who we are nominating for induction.

For some of these nominees, they’ve gone on to fame for legitimate reasons and have put their checkered past behind them. Others on this list perhaps deserve a term far more harsh than “knucklehead”.

I won’t be including politicians in this article series, unless their actions are separate from their office. If a Congressman sends out pics of his genitals, and those pictures go public? That’s probably worthy of nomination, but if they introduce legislation which half of the country thinks is a terrible idea, that probably isn’t worthy of a nomination, and it’s certainly not what we’re trying to do with this part of GuysNation.

As always, we love your feedback AND your input. If you have individuals or groups who you feel belong in the Knucklehead Hall Of Shame, let us know with a comment or a message on our GuysNation Facebook page!