A month ago, there was speculation that Tim Tebow was going to be the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Now it’s looking like nothing could be further from the truth.

According to ESPN, as the work week ends, Tim Tebow finds himself taking reps at QB with the third stringers.

Had the Broncos not changed their head coach in the off-season, Tim Tebow might be starting for Denver this season and Kyle Orton would either be the backup or working for a different team. John Fox comes to town, and he not only named Kyle Orton his starting QB, but now Brady Quinn has moved up the depth chart above the standout from University of Florida. The versatile Gators QB says the naysayers have provided motivation for him to succeed in the NFL as a quarterback, not giving up on his dreams by moving to wide receiver or tight end.

John Fox is likely looking to have a better season in his first year with the Broncos than he did in his last year with the Carolina Panthers, in which he won only 2 of his 16 games. Kyle Orton is a proven veteran and would provide more confidence if the Broncos are looking to work on building a team. Tim Tebow, who may or may not be seen as the future at QB for Denver, could make that a tougher task were he to be the starter.

Time will tell if Tim Tebow can move back up into the second string job during the pre-season, or if he will continue to excel in a coach-like job, which was said to be one of his strengths in college as a Florida Gator.