Every Monday Night, the top show on cable is WWE’s Monday Night Raw. For the past few months, a different celebrity (or team of celebrities) has played host to the show each week. Last week was David Hasslehoff. Previous weeks have been hosted by other actors such as Seth Green, Cheech & Chong, the cast of Hot Tub Time Machine. Some weeks retired wrestlers play host, such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart or Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.

It’s now being reported that WWE is reaching out to Tiger Woods in hopes that he will host their flagship show in June when the event comes to Miami.

I think the chances of Tiger Woods hosting RAW are very slim. I don’t see much benefit for him making the appearance. Most times the only people who host RAW are those who have something they want to promote, or individuals who haven’t had a mainstream showing in a while and could use the exposure AND the payday.

Tiger Woods? He doesn’t have any of those concerns. He wants to stay OUT of the public eye unless he’s on the golf course. Does he really want to be associated with scripted violence and scantilly clad women? No chance. No chance in hell.