The reputation of Tiger Woods is forever tarnished.  No matter how many major PGA tournaments he wins, Tour earnings he collects and products he sponsors, his years of infidelity will always be a blemish he will endure.  Over time, the prevalence with which his off-course history of cheating on his wife will affect how people see him will fade, but it will take time before anyone sees him the same, and at current, things have certainly changed drastically for Woods.  Gone (at least for a time) are the days of  seeing him shave on television commercials with Roger Federer and Derek Jeter, as are the days of drinking from a Gatorade container featuring his likeness (partially a shame, since their FOCUS sub-brand was great).  In time, those bits of Tiger-infused cultural moments will be forgotten.

The cover of Tiger Woods 2011 PGA Tour Golf will not.

Since 1999, Tiger Woods has been the sole person displayed on his line of multi-platform video games which bear his name and feature him prominently.  This year, the trend is broken.

Tiger Woods Shares Cover of his 2011 video game

Whether the inclusion of Rory McIlroy on the cover of this year’s EA sports golf offering is due to the personal problems of Tiger Woods will likely never be known (the decision to allow McIlroy on the cover was made back in October, but GuysNation believes it was only considered as an OPTION prior to the revelation of Woods’ infidelity).  What we do know is that when people look back at Tiger Woods’ career, this is a tangible example of the hit his public image took due to his poor life choices.