I’m not the biggest fan of Marvel Comic’s Thor character, so my excitement over the 2011 film directed by Kenneth Branagh is somewhat limited, but I will admit that as I start to see images emerge, I do start to get excited.  It is Marvel we’re talking about, and the Thor film will help establish the character for involvement in an Avengers movie somehow.

Some things you need to know so this all makes sense:

Thor is the story of a man whose body becomes inhabited by the Norse God Thor, son of Odin, when Odin decides he needs to teach his son a lesson.

The weapon wielded by Thor is a war hammer known as Mjolnir, which can only be wielded by Thor himself.  I believe the mythology of the character says that the first time he finds out he’s a Norse God (until that point the human whom Thor inhabits was in disbelief) was when he first lifted the hammer – which no one else was capable of doing.  It certainly draws aspects  of the Excalibur / King Arthur / Sword In The Stone story, which I have no problems with.

Chris Helmsworth was cast in the role of Thor, and an image from the scene where he wields Mjolnir (likely for the first time) is shown to the right.

An important factor to consider with every comic book hero brought to live-action is the costume, as most costumes wouldn’t look very natural in the real world, especially since most of the costumes were designed for comic books in the 1960’s, if not before.

In this case, they did an alright job with the translation.

To the right, you’ll find a production image used to give people the concept of what things are going to look like, most notably to give you an idea for what the lead actor will look like dressed in the costume.

When I first saw this type of image for Brandon Routh in the Superman outfit, I wasn’t impressed at all, but after seeing the finished product in Superman Returns, I learned not to judge too much based on the “feel” of the first image.

Seeing this image of Thor, the front body armor looks a bit too much, but again, I was managing my own expectations.

Now that I’ve seen other images, this time from filming sessions, I’m a bit more optimistic.

Don’t just take my word on it, though.

I’m not entirely sure which magazine that was from, as I’ve received the image second- (or third-) hand, but essentially what you’ve got there is a piece of a scene featuring Thor opposite his father Odin, played by Anthony Hopkins.

In my opinion, this gives us a lot more to be optimistic about.  Given the look of the background, the lighting, and the fact that the armor doesn’t look as bulky in this image, it might work out to be just fine.

There happen to be some other images that I’ve seen which have me optimistic about the production.

Some of the images I’ve seen, like this one from IMDB which includes Odin’s throne room, look very awesome.  One image I’ve seen, which is either a still shot from the movie or a glimpse at some of the artifacts used in production, nicely displays the helmets for Thor, Loki and Odin.

The last of the images which I’ve seen that give me hope for what this movie is going to be all about is a piece of concept art depicting a struggle between Loki and Thor.

If those images, the involvement of Kenneth Branagh, Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman isn’t enough to get you at least mildly excited for this upcoming movie, I don’t know if anything will.

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