So there I am watching a super close, surprisingly competitive game between the Detroit Lions and the Chicago bears. Yeah, I’m an avid Lions fan. Grew up in Michigan, and have been routing for the Lions for 29 years. Therefore, I was quite  happy when there was 2 minutes left in the game, and even though the lions had 3 turn overs… Cutler threw for over 350 yards of offense, we lost our qb, and had 101 yards of offense ALL from the first half, and we were STILL WINNING. THEN Chicago threw the ball, and I’ll admit, Forte made a damn good catch. The Bears pulled ahead!  And I had to use all of my LIONS faith to not give up on them when there was only a minute left, and we had a Backup QB playing.

The same faith that’s kept me watching them for 11 years since the last time they’ve even been to the playoffs. The same faith that’s kept me watching  even though they’ve never been to the Super Bowl. The same faith that kept me watching when they lost every single God Damn game in the season. And it paid off. We somehow managed to get a decent drive together, drive ALL the way down the field, and score a touchdown, and thus win the game. The first away victory in 21 games. The first time they have won the first game of the season in God knows how long….

And as I was sitting in my friends living room celebrating my happiness, I got a tap on the shoulder and he said “Dude… Look at the TV….” And I do JUST that. What do I see? THE FUCKING TOUCHDOWN is NO GOOD! Are you shitting me?!?!?! And I wonder to myself as I stare at the 32 replays of the Touchdown being a touchdown…. How in the hell is it NOT a touchdown? It blew my mind. He had possession of the ball, both feet touched, he fell on his butt…. Still had possession. His knee touched… Still has possession… THE BALL IS GRIPPED IN HIS HAND AND TOUCHES THE GROUND…. And it’s NOT a touchdown…………………………………….. Sorry for that, but that was all that ran through my head. “………..”. I felt like I was going to fucking fall on the floor and have a seizure. And not one of those calm ones where you barely know your having one. I mean one of those ones where you’re foaming at the mouth, and you need to put something in there so you don’t bite off your own tongue, and your eyes look possessed and you piss yourself… Maybe even shit yourself…. Anyway, that was what went through my head as I stared at the screen. And then they explained the rule-

Rule 8, Section 1, Article 3, Item 1: “If a player goes to the ground in the act of catching a pass (with or without contact of an opponent), he must maintain control of the ball after he touches the ground, whether in the field of play or the end zone. If he loses control of the ball, and the ball touches the ground before he regains control, the pass is incomplete. If he regains control prior to the ball touching the ground, the pass is complete.  ”

Are you shitting me? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen A DIFFERENT rule thrown around a bit. I don’t have a rule, section, article, or item number for it, but this is an exact quote-

“A player is in possession when he is in firm grip and control of the ball inbounds. To gain possession of a loose ball that has been caught, intercepted or recovered, a player must have complete control of the ball and have both feet completely on the ground inbounds or any other part of his body, other than his hands, on the ground inbounds. If the player loses the ball while simultaneously touching both feet or any other part of his body to the ground or if there is any doubt that the acts were simultaneous, there is no possession.”

Umm… Are you fucking kidding me????????? Simultaneously? How is the ball coming OUT of his hands when he goes to stand up, after he touches both feet, a knee, and a butt while having what is clearly defined by possession in the second rule entry simultaneous?

There’s ONE answer to the question. The NFL wants the Lions to lose. No one in the NFL gives a shit about them… You hear about them before the season starts, and you don’t hear anything more until the season is over, or they are about to lose 16 games in a season. No one cares, so when the NFL had to make a choice between Chicago having some kind of opening games record, or FOR SHAME, the lions actually winning a game on the road… it was a no brainer! So when the Lions scored that touchdown, and won the game… They HAD to call it incomplete…

Especially since the ref IN the end zone called it a touchdown. Watch the video. He raised his hands. This call clearly came from the head ref. THERE was no WAY they could let the lions win… So they said it was out of bounds, and then spent 10 minutes looking for some kind of loophole to work for this call, so they don’t look like complete ass holes. And they found it… But it was the most obscure rule in the rule book, as you saw by my citing of the position of the rule.  And it’s clearly a rule that NO ONE knew about without looking up. Players didn’t even know it existed. Hell, the refs in the Tennessee game didn’t know it existed, because a much clearer version of that same call happened and THAT was a touchdown…

Nope… All part of the elaborate screw job. The lions do good, and another team has to do bad, and that team doing bad could mean a drop in ticket prices, because unlike the lions faithful who have gotten used to the team sucking, and STILL support them, we all know that that’s not the case with many of the teams that have had winning seasons over the past few years. Case in point Chad Ochocinco. He wasn’t allowed to change his Jersey because of sales… Same situation. Sorta.

Now, take what you want from this article, but don’t really take anything other than what I have cited as fact, as well…. fact. These are simply my opinions, and are in no form ACTUAL truth. That being said… The lions are doomed, and will never EVER having another winning season again as long as the NFL is all about the money… No matter how many top three draft picks and awesome free agents we get. It’s now evident it’s never been about the talent.

Till next week when I have more things to bitch about with the Lions, peace out.

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