As Season 5 of The Walking Dead starts its second half, the group must cope with the loss of two characters who were really starting to hit their stride and become interesting. Here’s how we’re ranking the odds of each of the following characters meeting their demise over the next eight episodes. And for what it’s worth, I haven’t read the comics, so there are no chances of spoilers here.



If you blinked at the end of the mid-season finale, or had a non-trustworthy DVR, you might have not even realized that the character was once again part of the plot. There’s no reason they would’ve included the tracker if they didn’t intend to use Morgan in the second half of the season. I don’t think he’ll catch up to the group before the finale, and killing him off at that point wouldn’t make sense.


They’ve toyed with the idea of her leaving the show before, but they wouldn’t take another character away from Daryl at this point. He needs a sounding board for all the emotional unloading he’s about to be doing in the next eight episodes.



He’s not as useful to the group as he was three episodes ago, but he’s perhaps more useful to the show as a character who can provide a bit of comedy. Whether it’s his hair or his random comments, Eugene is going to be kept around to provide a more enjoyable time for viewers. Don’t expect him to last beyond the midway point of Season 6, but he’ll certainly get through this season.



I think it’s safe to say that Rick’s only son is going to survive until at least the start of Season 6. Though most fans of the show probably don’t want to hear it, Carl is likely to one day take Rick’s place at the helm of the group once his father passes.


Who doesn’t love Tyrese? I’d bet on him becoming a fan favorite as Season 6 reaches the halfway point, and more of a leader within the group. They wouldn’t impact Sasha with ANOTHER significant death this soon, so I’d predict that the big guy sticks around a bit.

Rick Grimes

This group isn’t ready for a new leader just yet. I could see Season 7 being a time where the group must evolve as they deal with the passing of the guy who has helped them this far, but we’re not there yet.


For the same reason that Carol isn’t going anywhere, Glenn’s not going anywhere either. They’re not going to force that emotional toll on Maggie.



Because of the passing of someone close to her [non-spoilers], there’s no chance that Maggie will die before Season 6 starts. I expect the nature of her relationship with Glenn will change in the next eight episodes. A pregnancy storyline is what I’d bet on for Maggie.


The guy could be really, really useful, which makes me think they’ll save him for a storyline in the future on who should replace Rick. That said, he no longer has his primary mission and he’s floudering a bit. If there’s any sort of gunfight or overwhelming odds to overcome, I could see them sacrificing Abraham. I could also see them wanting to keep him around as the heir-apparent to another tough, survivalist favorite…

Daryl Dixon

The passing of the female character from the mid-season finale makes Daryl dying a bit more probable, but I wouldn’t put money on it. I fully expect he’ll go through some emotional changes over these next eight episodes, but he’ll likely survive into Season 6.


Certainly saddened by the passing of her recent love interest [non-spoiler], I expect we’ll see her character go through a range of emotions for a bit. At that point she’ll either take a more significant role in the group… or she might be killed off. I’d say the odds aren’t in her favor… aside from the fact that I see the passing of others as being more likely.


Aside from her being something of a badass, we don’t know that much about her. Now that she and Abraham probably aren’t as “together” as they were before, it opens up the possibility that she’ll get into a relationship with someone else, and that’s what the show’s all about, relationships, right? Either that or they’ll just kill her off without any significant character development.



She’s one of my favorite characters and has tons of potential as not only a badass, but as a mother figure to Carl. Those are great reasons for her to stick around into Season 7, when Rick could very easily have met his demise… but they’re also reasons why she might get killed in these next 8 episodes. She hasn’t had much character development this season, and while I hope she survives, I wouldn’t bet on her AND Rosita lasting the entire season. Her death would have more impact than most of the characters lower on this list. If they’re not ready to get rid of Daryl yet, Michonne fans should beware…


Although her character has potential to be interesting, the show hasn’t presented her as a focal point for any significant length of time. I suspect when they finally do that, they’ll be getting ready to kill her off. Don’t be surprised if she meets her end sooner than later.


He’s a significant part of the reason that the death occurred at the end of Season 5’s first half. The group is likely to have mixed feelings over that, and once they get over it, Noah becomes expendable. Keep your eyes peeled once he and Daryl get on good terms.

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