Anyone who has played Street Fighter or Super Street Fighter 4 for any amount of time knows about Seth. He’s that piece of shit at the end of the game that always finds a way to kick your ass. His moves have priority over yours, he’s teleporting all over the place, he’s hitting his shoryuken every time, and he is destroying you with his spinning piledriver. Everyone has thought it, even you arcade rats have at one point, even if he is nothing to you.

Recently, while playing Super Street Fighter 4 online, I decided I wanted a change of pace. I had been playing as Juri, who is a rushdown character who is all about getting in your face and hitting you hard and fast.

Now, I decided to do something that not a whole lot of Super Street Fighter 4 players decide to do. I decided I was going to play as Seth. Why don’t people play as Seth? I mean you’d think with the domination I mentioned above EVERYONE would play Seth, right? Wrong. Capcom knew how insanely powerful they made Seth. They knew that if they gave the players THAT Seth…he’d be unbeatable. So, the Seth the player picks is VASTLY different from the Seth the CPU uses. For one, he takes the most damage out of any other character in the game. His stamina, or rather how much life they have, is a pathetic 750. Compare that with someone like Zangief who has 1100 stamina and you’re in a hole before the match even starts. But that’s not all, his Stun, or how many hits it takes for him to be put into a vulnerable dizzy state, is also only 750. Both are the absolute lowest in the game and making Seth an EASY character to decimate unless you damn well know what you’re doing. Because when one combo from Rufus will take off half your life? You NEED to be protective because one wrong move and it’s over for a player controlled Seth.

You must be saying, “What about those sick Ultras?”. Well, his second Ultra, Tanden Typhoon, is a much needed upgrade from his first Ultra. His first Ultra, called Tanden Stream, was an Ultra that covered the entire screen and would hit you if you weren’t blocking. If you’re familiar with Street Fighter 4 and played a Seth online you know that he used to be able to create a Sonic Boom trap. Seth throws out a Sonic Boom from full screen distance, if the opponent tries to jump over it then using Tanden Stream would hit the opponent in the air. But the problem is…Tanden Stream does terribly little damage so it’s really only useful if you use if the opponent has almost no health left. But, in Super Street Fighter 4? There is no Sonic Boom Trap. If you try to use Tanden Stream when a Sonic Boom is even on screen? You’re going to do one of two things. A shoryuken or a teleport. The ultra WILL NOT come out. Ultra 2, however, is much more useful anyway. For one, it does quality damage and two it’s not all that hard to combo into. Basically, it’s a tornado stream that comes from his stomach that he shoots diagonally upwards. You can use it to stuff jump ins as well. Here are links to what both Ultras look like. I’d embed them but apparently WordPress hates me.

Seth – Ultra 1 – Tanden Stream

Seth – Ultra 2 – Tanden Typhoon

Also, if you’re wondering why his ultras are all “Tanden”, it is because the yin yang ball in his stomach is called a “Tanden Engine”.

So, why would anyone in their right mind pick Seth? For one, I saw a player named OnlineTony213 use Seth about as perfectly as someone can use him. It was inspiring really. Also, Seth has a wide array of moves taken from the main cast of Street Fighter 4. He has Guile’s Sonic Boom, Dhalsim’s Stretching Arms and Teleport ability, a three hit combo version of Ryu’s shoryuken, a version of Chun Li’s Lightning Legs and Headstomp and a very useful wall jump. One other move he has is called “Tanden Engine”, which as I explained before is the ying yang ball in his stomach that gives him his power. What it does is it sucks in anyone that is two character frames away from him. If the opponent isn’t blocking they are stunned next to Seth for a moment. If they are blocking then they are sucked in but not stunned.

While Seth is EASY to kill when a mistake is made he also has a lot of options to apply pressure and keep his opponents guessing. But, like I said earlier, you have GOT to be damn near close to perfect with how easy it is to whittle away Seth’s life.

With the pros and cons in mind, I still bravely picked Seth. For those of you out there wondering, yes, I use the Alternate Costume with Color 8, it’s the only way to go.

Imagine that in a metallic dark blue for his skin color and his eyes glowing red.

What happened next, you ask?

Well, you’ll just have to wait. I’ve given you an introduction to Seth and some of the little reasons I picked him. As time goes on I hope to write more and more about my experiences training with Seth and using him online. He’s a very diverse character and also a very difficult one to use. I hope to shed a little light on him and why maybe you should even give him a try.

All characters, images and video provided are not my own. They are copyright of Capcom Entertainment, Inc with all rights reserved.