Back in the early 2000’s I meet an emcee by the name of Sinis. At the team he was apart of a team called The Unit. They were signed to a crappy indie label deal and Sinis was frustrated. At the time I was at the heaviest in my music involvement so I offered to work with him to put out his first few solo releases. As with everything involving time, we moved onto out separate roads, but we still kept in touch.

That is way my ears perked when I found out he was reworking one of our old projects, The Ipod Masterpieces. The first one we did was The Ipod Masterpieces : 9th Wondah. This time he has reworked the idea focusing on instrumentals done by DJ Premier.

This is an 11 song project, including an intro. Even though the idea behind the project is gimmick based, the content is far from gimmicky. Being more of a lyrical MC, this project shows off the skills that have made, Sinis a breathe of fresh air up to now. And so far it seems like he is staying on that path.

Sintro – Over a variety of premier beats synced into onto one, Sinis shows off his ability to run through any beat.

Composed – Over a bouncy track Sinis weaves seamless verse. my only issue is it’s too short.

A Lie – A more serious track that has a lovely metaphor wrapped in it.

Drunk Werdz – Straight from the bar here comes the INI with the first round.

She Said – Break ups are hard to do. Even for Sinis, who is on this track showing his storytelling skills.

Obsessed – Ever have one too many…Sinis has.

Reality Check – Sinis working the beat with life’s address.

Bahngatah – Tick tick tick….INI.

iLL Muzik – A throwback to the days of real spittas, Sinis goes in with no sign of slowing up.

Da Cypha – It ain’t fun unless the homies get some. Sinis and crew shows you why they are a force to be reckon with.

War Games – Every emcee has verses for everybody, even people in their own camp. Don’t believe me…just listen.

Peep the video off the project…

Sinis – Drunk Werdz/She Said


So if you want some hip hop that you don’t have to dress 3 sizes too small to rock to, feel free to go here…