I’ve always said that Thomas Jane played a great Punisher. He just suffered from a awful script. Now If we take the the script and style of the War Zone movie and put Jane in the lead role, War Zone would of been a sequel instead of a reboot. What made Thomas Jane a great Punisher to me was he has that dark, grim humor that Frank castle had in the comics. The voice was spot on for what you would think Castle would sound like. Body wise, he matched up and his portrayal pretty much was dead on.

But the one thing that assured me that Thomas Jane is The Punisher is the fan film that I saw just recently, called “Dirty Laundry”. this film is a very gritty telling of an hour in Frank Castle’s life. The fact that this movie was done without Castle ever having to grab a gun, perfectly fits the Punisher image. For those who have read the comic, Castle didn’t just use guns but everything around him, a good is example of that are the execution moves that were placed into The Punisher video game that was released a few years ago. The short also touches on Castle’s loner mentality as it seems as he almost doesn’t get involved with the drama unfolding until he is almost at a calm boiling point. What really surprised me was the guest appearance by Ron “Hellboy” Perlman as a disgruntled Vet in a wheel chair makes this that much more sweet. And the end in which he asked the main villain of the film “What’s the difference between justice and punishment?” is a classic castle move.

For those who have yet to see this short film I’m posting the link below. I would love to see what you think of it.



#DIRTYLAUNDRY *Click Here To See The Short Film*

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