The New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts have a chance to do something that only 2 other teams in the NFL have done. Go undefeated in the regular season. It a large feat to run the table in the regular season and make it all the way to 16-0.  The Saints and Colts sit at 9-0 and I am going to break down the remaining weeks and simulate there chances of making the 16-0 mark.

Week 11

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

Preview – The Saints go into TB with the possibility of Reggie Bush not suiting up for this weekends game. I don’t think this will completely effect them, but the recent of struggles of Pierre Thomas could be to the fact that Bush is starting to come around. No where near justification of a 2nd overall pick, but still is becoming a solid player. Tampa Bay has won 3 of the the 4 matchups with New Orleans and has been coming on since giving the reigns of there offense to rookie Josh Freeman out of Kansas State, there first round pick in this year NFL Rookie Draft. I expect a close game, but if the Saints D can get some of there injured players back, namely Sharper, who said he could have played last week, the Saints should make a long day for Freeman.

Prediction – Saints 10-0

Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens

Preview: The last time the Colts came into Baltimore they went off on the Ravens winning 31 to 3. The Colts have had luck on there side the last few weeks, and if they rely on that, they are not going to win against the Ravens. Micheal Ohr’s new found popularity may be a distraction to him this week as his movie premiered on Friday. Too bad it went up against New Moon or it may have had a chance. The Colts are going to need to hope for 2 things. One, nice weather in Baltimore this weekend, or 2 that Joseph Addai and Donald Brown can get the running game going, becasue this team will not win in the cold months without a running game. Ravens give a good fight but cant get a win against Indy.

Prediction: Colts 10-0

Week 12

Colts @ Texans

Preview: This game is going to be a very tough test for the Colts. They won last time down in Texas thanks to a great catch by Reggie Wayne in the end zone on the final drive. But that was thanks to the Texans former backup quarterback Sage Rosefalls deciding to an airplane leap for a first down, when a slide would have done just fine. The Colts sneaked out of Lucas Oil with a win last time there two teams hit the floor, and this time the Texans have more time to prepare there offensive attack. Remember it was the Texans first game without Owen Daniels, and was at the time the leading reception man on the Texans attack. Now with all that said, your talking Peyton Manning. Your talking heroics. Your taking a game that should be on Monday Night Football…but there is a better game on that week, which we will review shortly. The Colts win this one, in dramatic fashion.

Prediction: Colts 11-0

MNF: Patriots @ Saints

Strap in boys and girls, espn landed themselves a freaking JEM. This game should be absolute amazing to watch, and its got all the right features. In New Orleans, so they can still talk about Hurricane Katrina. You got the AFC Leading Pats coming into town, where they can mention that blown 4th and 2 call by Darth Hoddie. You can even go off the charts and mention about Drew Brees mom’s death being ruled a suicide. And that is just the outer stuff. What about the game? Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Reggie Bush (maybe) Colston, Henderson, Sharper. This game is filled with people that make or break a game. I expect a defensive scores and the Saints to keep that dome a rocking.

Prediction: Saints 11-0

wk 13

Saints @ Redskins

Preview: No stopping the Saints train here. The Redskins are a lameduck team right now. From owner Dan Synder suing season ticket holders to banning and then un-banning signs in FedEx Field. From the headman down, this team is starting to look very…blah. And the Saints, well they an march on in to a victory here.

Prediction: Saints 12-0

Titans @ Colts

Preview: Another tough match up for the Colts. Laughing? Why would you be? Peyton Manning historically has struggled against the Titans. They are moving along with Vince Young being the quarterback of the future, for the 2nd or 3rd time. Being at home, the dome can be closed and Manning can have his way with working the offense. If this game was in LP Field….well Manning may run into some problems. Being at home, he will guide his team to 12-0.

Prediction:  Colts 12-0

WK 14

Saints @ Falcons

Preview: Will the real Matt Ryan please stand up? The Matt Ryan from last year is not the Matt Ryan of this year. The Falcons have a great coach, willing to throw punches with another player on another team, while they have like 15 pounds of pads on and he has on a polo shirt. This game will come down to if Micheal Turner’s high ankle sprain is healed. Turner has a history of playing and playing well on injuries that would keep people out of games. This is another game that the Saints could lose, and im going to go out on a limb and say they dont. They have looked bad in games they should win, so they will look bad in this game. But they will win.

Prediction: Saints 13-0

Broncos @ Colts

Preview: Josh McDaniels has seen plenty of Peyton Manning in his life. A student from Death Hoodies regime of coaching manics, JM pushed the Broncos off to a fast start. Now they are falling back to earth, this game is too far away to know if they are still free falling or soaring back to the top. Being at home is a HUGE advantage to Peyton Manning. And they will take that advantage to the end.

Prediction: Colts 13-0

WK 15
IND @ JAC (Thursday)
DAL @ NO (Saturday)

Colts @ Jaguars

Preview: Well if your a die hard Jags fan, im sure there will still be tickets available for this game. They have yet to sell out a home game down in Jacksonville yet this season. This could be the first one, but then who knows? The Jags are going to go to the ground in this game and use MJD like a man possesed. This is the trap game. I dont see the Colts on short rest being able to keep streak alive. They lose here.

Prediction: Colts 13-1

Cowboys @ Saints

Preview: Let me ask you this? Are the Vikings right on the Saints tail? If they are, this game is more important, home field is what you start to think about now. Its practically impossible to win in the NO. Hell they have a graveyard in the end zone. The Saints may lose games before this that I dont think they should. This game wont be a trap game, they may need to win this game to keep the lead on the Vikings. Im sure Sean Peyton and company rather play down in NO then up in snowy MIN for the playoffs, even thou its both in domes. Saints win.

Prediction: Saints 14-0


Bucks @ Saints

Preview: Saints win they have home field. Saints lose and lose the perfect season. You know Freeman wants to do it to them. Beat a division rival, in their house. He cant and wont. Saints win.

Prediction: Saints 15-0

Jets @ Colts

Preview: With the Colts perfect season down the drain, Peyton Manning only plays a half. Screwing everyone over in the fantasy superbowls who relied on him and Dallas Clark to get them far. But can the Rex Ryan Jets, led by rookie QB Sanchez make a push for the playoffs? It should be an intresting game, and the Colts backups beat down the Jets and push them to 14-1.

Preview: Colts 14-1


Colts @ Bills

Preview: The Colts got nothing in the tank, and the Bills, who cares. They are probably going to win another meaningless game to hurt their draft position even more. An annoying win if your a Bills fan who are now at this point counting down the seconds till they hire Shany or another big name coach. Colts lose the game, and I hate them for it.

End Season: Colts 14-2

Saints @ Panthers

Preview: Wow..16-0. Can it be captured. We all know what happened to the last team to go 16-0. Lost in the Super Bowl. But i think most Saints fans would take that. The Panthers, played them hard at home, nearly got a win. This game will be too close, and I think the Saints will not risk injury over a stupid record. Mark Brunelle will get the nod at QB and that will downgrade this offense 10 fold. Saints lose a “meanless” game.

Final Predictions:

Saints 15-1

Colts: 14-2

They both will meet in the Super Bowl however, and I’m not going to go out and…well yeah I will. The Saints win in the Super Bowl match up. And the curses surrounding the New Orleans Saints come crashing to an end.