Last week saw a 7-7 record for me. I’m most proud of picking Buffalo and New England. I’d say I’m proud of picking the Eagles, but I really thought they’d win… I didn’t think they’d put up 59, but I was confident enough in them that I put 7 confidence points on them in my Yahoo pick ’em league. Least proud of picking Houston… I’ve picked them a lot this year and they’ve done nothing, but disappoint.

You want a “League” update, you say?

We’ve had a lead change. My uninspiring 7-7 record and 60 points was enough to catapult me into the lead… for now. I tied for 3rd for the week, both record and points wise. Just the league leader was horrendous.

Rob… well… Rob may want to take his picks from this week, take them behind a shed, and bury them deep deep into the ground. His differing on SF/StL, Buff/Det, Pitt/NE, and of course DC/Philly cost him.

Oh don’t worry, I’ve got the shovel and now I’m just looking for the right spot.  After that Monday Night Football drubbing, I’m thinking about throwing some of my burgundy merch in with the picks.

Lets get to the meat and potatoes for this week’s picks, oh and bye weeks are officially “buh bye”, which means? Full slate, of 16 games this week, babY!

Thursday Night

Chicago @ Miami

Miami had something like 7 different players take snaps at QB against Tennessee… and they STILL won. They lost their two starters, The Dangling Chads (2000 political humor never gets old, plus they play IN Florida, it works on so manylevels) each suffered injuries that may have them out for this game. Pennington may be done forever-ever. There is some chance Henne suits up for this game. If not? Tyler Thigpen, the field is yours. And even DESPITE all that mess? I can’t pick the Bears. Short week. Traveling to Miami.

MY PICK: Miami

Rob’s Pick:  Miami, because beating the Titans last week – even with the QB issues the Dolphins were dealing with, is a big deal.

Buffalo @ Cincinnati

I feel like this is a trap game. I can’t see Buffalo winning this. Can’t see them winning 2 straight, either. But THIS is a game when you look at it, signifies the absolute demise of the Bengals… if they lose. We are a couple weeks from a full grown ass man hissy fit by one of the Bungals diva wideouts. I mean… Kid not getting his toy at target, throws himself on the ground and punches and kicks the floor HISSY FIT. I actually won’t be surprised if Cincy loses, but I’m not gonna pick the Bills.

My Pick: Cincinnati

Rob’s Pick:  Buffalo wins.  Trap?  What trap?  The Bills have been close to beating some of the better teams in the NFL, and they’ve only got one fewer win than the Bengals.

Detroit @ Dallas

Dallas looked like Dallas from last year… you know.. only with John Kitna running the offense. It was a rare instance where I found myself rooting for the ‘Boys, even though I didn’t pick them last week. A Giants loss much more important than me getting a game prediction right. I think Jason Garrett gets his first “win streak”. Detroit is out matched, as Dallas has a much better collection of talent, AND is at home.

My Pick: Dallas

Rob’s Pick:  Dallas, because the Giants are a lot better than the Lions, and the Cowboys took New York to the woodshed last week.  Until I see the Cowboys turn in a pathetic performance, I’m ignoring what happened the first half of the season.

Washington @ Tennessee

Washington got white washed by Philadelphia. Tennessee lost to Miami. Randy Moss only caught 1 ball. An interesting matchup, but I feel Tennessee has the two best athletes on the field: Chris Johnson and Randy Moss. So I think Tennessee wins.

My Pick: Tennessee

Rob’s Pick:  Washington.  Why?  Because I’m a homer, and because I think Chris Johnson will be minimized by a defense which will return its focus to stopping the run and because I haven’t seen anything out of Randy Moss this season to support the notion that he can be a game changer.  And because I’m a homer.

Arizona @ Kansas City

Both teams coming off losses. KC’s was horrendous. They got so rocked their coach forgot how to shake a hand, and instead went finger to the face with some strong PG-13 flavored language. Arizona… well they’re not good, for sure. I think KC uses last week’s embarrassment to come out strong this week.

My Pick: Kansas City

Rob’s Pick:  Kansas City, because they’re a good team and Arizona is not.  Not a great team, Chiefs fans, but a GOOD team.

Green Bay @ Minnesota

To me there is no more fitting send off for #4… than to get spanked at home by the Packers. Green Bay is coming off a bye, so they haven’t been healthier, realize “healthy” for Green Bay is a relative term, as few teams have been decimated quite like they have from injury. Minnesota is a mess. I’m amazed Chilly still has a job, but I guess they don’t want to give Leslie Frazier (Vikes D-Coor, and long rumored future head coach in the NFL) a dress rehearsal run at the big job? I dunno…

My Pick: Green Bay

Rob’s Pick:  The Packers, and this one seems too easy, given the bye week and the woes the Vikings are experiencing.  Given all of that, it’ll probably be a blow-out win for Minnesota with Peterson running for 150+, but I’m still picking Aaron Rogers and crew.

Houston @ New York

I may seriously stop picking Houston, out of spite. Which means they’ll probably win this week, on the road, at one of the best teams in football. Jets defense shuts down Arian. Andre Johnson has a Sunday trip to Revis Island on his itinerary. Houston continues to be the annual 8-8 team who is “on the verge of breaking out”. They’ve won that title 3 years running, now.

My Pick: J-E-T-S jetsjetsjets!

Rob’s Pick:  Jets, because they have all the tools necessary to shut down all aspects of Houston’s offense.  Revis Island?  Look for Cromartie to cover Johnson better than the highly touted CB on the other side.

Oakland @ Pittsburgh

Sorry Oakland, Pitt doesn’t lose 2 straight at home. You’re a nice team and all, and its nothing personal… its not YOU… its THEM. And THEM is gonna be mighty pissy when you come to town Sunday. I’d like to make a plea to Mike Tomlin… RUN THE BALL. Thanks.

My Pick: Pittsburgh

Rob’s Pick:  The Steelers, because they’re the FAR better team.  And as far as that plea goes, why would he do that?  I’m guessing you have Mendenhall on your fantasy squad…  With Mike Wallace and a talented young rookie most people haven’t heard from yet, I think the passing game would serve just fine to beat Oakland.

Baltimore @ Carolina

I see Carolina’s name this season, and its a bodily function for me to pick the other team. Makes it all the easier when they’re playing one of the top five teams in the league, who are coming off the extra long week since they played last Thursday. This is my Top Confidence Points pick, for sure.

My Pick: Baltimore

Rob’s Pick:  The Ravens.  If Baltimore loses, I lose a LOT of respect for them, since Carolina is TERRIBLE.

Cleveland @ Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s win via Hail Mary was nothing short of insane. Houston’s defender did what he had been coached to do for years and years, and somehow the ball finds a Jaguar. They score. They win. Cleveland loses in walk off fashion in overtime with a mere 20 seconds on the clock remaining, when Santonio Holmes takes it to the house. These teams are on opposite sides of the heart break coin.

My Pick: Jacksonville

Rob’s Pick:  Cleveland is the better team.  Jaguars keep getting lucky, and that won’t happen this time around.  Almost beating the Jets the week after beating the Patriots should give people more hope in the Browns.

Atlanta @ St. Louis

Atlanta likes to play at home. Its a dome. St. Louis also has a dome. Its like another home game for Atlanta. either way, Atlanta outclasses St. Louis.

My Pick: Atlanta

Rob’s Pick:  Atlanta, simply because they’re one of the top teams in the league and the Rams are in the lower half, and while I think this could be the NFC Championship Game for the 2012 season, St Louis isn’t there yet.

Seattle @ New Orleans

Saints coming off a bye. Seattle coming off a nice win. Seattle is one of, like, 6 teams I just don’t get. They confuse me and make my head hurt. I think New Orleans started something with their win over Pittsburgh. Watch out for the Saints in the 2nd half… I think the advil just kicked in, and the “hangover” is finally fading.

My Pick: New Orleans

Rob’s Pick:  The Saints are a quality team which keeps getting better as it finds ways to make up for its short-comings.  I also don’t like the way Seattle has played this season, which gives me more reason to go for New Orleans.

Tampa Bay @ San Francisco

Niners are 2-0 with Troy Smith as their starting QB. Tampa won, too. I am on the fence with this one because of Tampa having to travel to San Fran. They are the surprise of the NFL, but they are still a young team and most teams struggle with the coast to coast trip, which is the only reason I toyed with picking San Francisco.

My Pick: Tampa Bay

Rob’s Pick:  No toying around here, I’m going with San Francisco.  I think Tampa has been lucky with some of the wins it has had, and they’re not going to be able to run all over the 49’ers, who have only allowed 4 teams to rush for more than 100 yards against them.  In each of those 4 games, the 49’ers kept their opponents from passing for more than 250 yards.  Mike Singletary’s defense is better than you think.

Indianapolis @ New England

Wow, did New England look good Sunday Night. I may be wrong, but do these teams play each other EVERY year? Because it seems like they do. Like the NFL schedules them even though they aren’t supposed to… just seems unfair. You always have to play each other while some other team might get a cupcake. Peyton vs. Brady. These games, 66% of the time… deliver EVERY time. I think New England is better. AND they’re at home.

My Pick: New England

Rob’s Pick:  The Patriots get my vote, even though I don’t want to.  Peyton Manning only had half as many yards passing last week as I thought he should’ve, and meanwhile the Patriots overwhelmed the Steelers until late in the game.  I’m hoping Manning & Co surprise me.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia

If you’ve been paying attention you know who I’m picking. As long as they’re good and competitive, I don’t pick against the Eagles. I may put the lowest confidence points possible… which I did for this game… but I’m picking the Birds. Basically this will see an angry, fired up Giants team come to town. They just got embarrassed by Dallas. Eagles are coming off two big wins… and this could be a “too big for our britches” game. If the Eagles are over cocky and the Giants are as hungry and angry as they SHOULD be? If Reid is very good at a couple facets? Its preparation and keeping an even keel. Nothing is too good. Nothing is too bad. I also like having Mike Vick back there for that super aggressive pass rush. His ability to get away could be HUGE!

My Pick: E-A-G-L-E-S … EAGLES!

Rob’s Pick:  After watching last week’s game (which I’ll be hesitant to ever mention ever again so take note), I’m not sure how Philly’s offense is stopped.

Denver @ San Diego

AFC West is just taking turns bludgeoning one another. Oakland over Denver. Denver over Kansas City. So this division is pretty wide open. Two teams at 5-4. Chargers at 4-5. Broncos at 3-6. An important game for both of these teams. The last 3 weeks or so San Diego has shown life. They are playing up to their ability and skill level. Even with Denver’s impressive beat down of KC… I still think San Diego is the best team in the AFC West.

My Pick: San Diego

Rob’s Pick:  I’ll go with the Chargers following their bye week.  They may not always be able to turn their stats into wins, but this time around they’re not playing a high quality opponent.  Plus, Kyle Orton’s arm has to be getting tired.

So there you have ’em.  In summary, here are the key games:

Buffalo @ Cincinnati

Washington @ Tennessee

Cleveland @ Jacksonville

Tampa Bay @ San Francisco

Bonus Poll:

You stay Classy, Internet!