The internet was abuzz with the new trailers for Star Wars Episode 7, Batman vs Superman and last minute hype for the Avengers movie hitting this weekend. But what set the web ablaze was the first full image of Jared Leto as The Joker.

And the internet wasn’t happy.


It’s a jarring image that a lot of people dislike. A lot. Hate, even. But according to sources, that’s not exactly what he’s going to look like when he shows up in The Suicide Squad.¬†Apparently the pic was to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the character, and it was just a publicity shot.

One way or another, it’s unlikely he would’ve been seen like this one way or another. The Joker typically wears a full suit – either purple or white – so those tattoos on his chest, arms and abdomen would almost certainly be covered up. Now those teeth… those are another matter. I have a feeling they might stay, as they haven’t been part of any incarnation of The Joker that I’ve ever seen, and with this being a grittier version of the character, he’d probably have dental issues.

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