Oysters On The Half Shell with the Everyday Chef

I’ve met a lot of guys that know a lot about guy stuff. Which is good…right? However, I’ve also met a lot of guys that think cooking isn’t a guy thing, yet they’re also more than happy to get back to our neanderthal roots and fire up the grill. Now, I’m not suggesting that guys don’t know how to cook at all. In fact the chef world is mostly dominated by guys…Emeril, Gordon, Bobby, Mario…to name a few that are probably common household names.

I’m here to present simple stuff that anyone can cook, regardless of skill level. Some people are even intimidated by boiling water and that’s ok because there are a lot of great things you can cook with a pot of hot water. So, with that being said, check out the video.

This video is all about oysters. Granted, oysters don’t appeal to everyone, but maybe the cocktail sauce does. Or, maybe you’ve never quite figured out how to make a lemon crown. Easy enough. Take a look at the video and you’ll see.

Remember, the secret ingredient to any recipe is a dash of imagination!

-Everyday Chef