Week 8 predictions BEFORE my World Series Prediction? Sure. Why not.

Welcome to the week 8 (and 2nd overall) edition of the Early Bird Picks. Apparently me attempting to broadcast these picks angered the football deities, and I had my worst week of the 2010 campaign. A 7-7 record makes me hang my head in shame. But? Here I am again, and I just clicked the “Save Picks” button on my yahoosports pickem page… and… well… ugh… things could get a whole lot uglier this week.

I have held onto second place, both record and confidence points wise. Lost a lot of ground to first place, and third place made quite the move towards me. So this week could see me slip further down the ranks, or if I do alright hold steady. It’ll take a few weeks of beating the #1 guy in this pickem for me to be top dog… though after last week, lets hold off on thinking I can catch anyone. I was D.F.L. (no its not a minor league football system for the NFL) – for the week. Worst record. Lowest points.

Lots of evenly matched games. I like a lot of “underdogs” who are on the road. And while I’m not betting spreads… I know I’m playing with fire by picking road teams. Anyway… lets get into this shall we?

Miami @ Cincinatti MY PICK: Miami

WHY? I picked Cincy last week… they played horrendously the first half. Made an amazing comeback. Still Lost. I’m going with Miami who may have gotten jobbed by a call against Pittsburgh. Either way. Miami has good defense, and can run the ball. Cincinatti is about to implode.

Jacksonville @ Dallas MY PICK: Dallas

WHY? This game gives me a headache. There is no way this should have been a difficult pick… and yet? Here I am. I’ve picked Dallas. Who will be without Romo. So they’ll have to focus on defense. Run the ball. And squeak out a win at home. Keeping Wade from the unemployment line for one more week (btw… can Fired NFL coaches file for unemployment?)

Washington @ Detroit MY PICK: Washington

WHY? Skins are back in the NFC North. They don’t win pretty. But they win. I think they continue this against the Lions. Plus Washington winning annoys me… so of COURSE they’ll continue to win.

Buffalo @ Kansas City MY PICK: Kansas City

WHY? Because I believe in the ChiefS? I’m not guzzling the kool aid just yet, but I’m sipping at it. They have been impressive on defense. They can run the ball. Lots of times that’s all you need (see: 2009 Jets). Oh and they’re playing the worst team in football. Sure Buffalo went to O.T. with Baltimore. Buffalo played, far and away, their best game of the season… and STILL lost. I don’t believe they’re duplicating that.

Carolina @ St. Louis MY PICK: St. Louis

St. Louis lost a heart breaker to Tampa. Carolina beat San Francisco. This is a coin toss to me after last week. I’m picking St. Louis since they’re at home, and because I can’t see Carolina winning back to back games.

Green Bay @ New York Jets MY PICK: NY Jets

Why? They’re at home. Coming off a bye. Green Bay had a brutal interdivisional game against Minnesota. Green Bay can’t run the ball, and if you’re single dimensional against the Jets defense? … yeah… good luck with that. From a fantasy standpoint I’m tempted to bench my Rodgers/Jennings tandem because of this match up.

Denver @ San Francisco MY PICK: Denver

WHY? This game just looks horrendous on paper. Denver got embarrassed at home by the Raiders. San Francisco lost to one of the 2 worst teams in the league… which kind of puts them in that lower echelon themselves. I picked Denver thinking they can’t suck an egg like THAT for consecutive weeks… can they? I guess we’ll see.

Tennessee @ San Diego MY PICK: Tennessee

WHY? Really San Diego? You’re THIS bad? Tennessee can hand the ball off to Chris Johnson. San Diego can’t seem to help, but shoot themselves in the foot given the opportunity.

Seattle @ Oakland MY PICK: Seattle

WHY? Seattle looks like it could win the NFC West. Oakland did just whoop Denver… but? I’m not going ot pick the Raiders. Even with Darren McFadden having a break out year, I think Seattle is too much for Oakland.

Minnesota @ New England

WHY? What’s the bigger story? Bret Favre’s fractured ankle? or Randy Moss returns to New England? What’s the bigger story? New England getting it done offensively with a collection of “midgets”, as Mike Ditka said. or Vikings coach Brad Childress throwing Favre under the bus after their loss to Green Bay Sunday night. This game doesn’t lack for storylines and intrigue, for sure. But Favre on one good ankle, AT New England. I have to pick the Pats.

Tampa Bay @ Arizona MY PICK: Tampa Bay

WHY? Another game I look at and makes my head hurt. I seriously should have just flipped a coin for this. Tampa is on the road. Arizona decided to go BACK to Derek Anderson as their quarterback during last week’s game with Seattle. So Arizona is a bad team with a budding quarterback controversy. Even on the road I have to pick the Buccaneers.

Pittsburgh @ New Orleans MY PICK: Pittsburgh

WHY? Pittsburgh is the best team in the NFL in my opinion. Like I said last week. You don’t pick against the best team. This is a huge game for New Orleans, and I can actually see them coming out strong and winning because they’ve backed themselves into a corner with that horrendous perfromance and loss to Cleveland. I think Pittsburgh is too strong defensively. Too well coached. THey run the ball. They won’t be overwhelmed by the New Orleans crowd.

Houston @ Indianapolis @ Indianapolis

WHY? They’re at Indianapolis. Both teams are coming off a bye, but I think that helps Indy more than Houston. You give Peyton Manning 2 weeks to prepare for you? Indianapolis avenges the loss to Houston earlier this season.

So there you have ’em. I’m not oozing with confidence when it comes to these picks. Lots of games that I can see going either way.

Picks I’m most likely to change (but probably won’t): Tampa Bay, Denver, Dallas.

Picks I feel best about: Kansas City and Washington