The 2012 London Olympics quickly approaching, talk of “The Dream Team” has resurfaced. This year marks the 20th anniversary of NBA Legends coming together to take on international challengers in Olympic Basketball. A retrospective on ESPN was inevitable, and with the NBA Finals bringing together two of the biggest names in the sport – the reigning MVP and the reigning scoring champion – talk of forming a “dream team” for this – and future (and all-time) Olympics also join the discussion.

That’s not what I’m doing here. Maybe it’s a good discussion for another time, but in the present, I’m looking back on those 1992 Summer Olympics to one of the fun by-products of the games.

The collectable Dream Team cups from McDonalds.

Though my cups have long since made their way through the waste management system (I can’t recall if they were trashed or recycled), I fondly remember attempting to put together a complete set, though as I didn’t have a job… or even a driver’s license, I was at the mercy of my parents and charitable neighbors in my quest which was ultimately a failure.

Countless such commemorative collectable sets have been put together for various other events, though for some reason the Dream Team cups stands out in my mind.

Though I likely won’t be bidding on it, I did find a few eBay auctions (like this one) which offer the opportunity to purchase the set from 1992. Just be cautious, as you risk ruining the cups any time you wash them – as was the ultimate demise of my set.

I’d probably just throw out the Christian Laettner cup and ruin the complete set anyway.