The 2010 Major League Baseball Season has been riddled with human error. There was Armando Gallaraga losing a perfect game because of a blown call. Fair balls called foul. Safe calls that were outs. Hit batters awarded first that clearly weren’t touched by the ball… oh… and for the love of god lets not even go into Balls and Strikes.

So far in the 2010 postseason we have had more of the same. In just under 6 post season games (The Giants/Braves game 2 has just started) there have been numerous questionable calls. People outraged. People are demanding for MLB to step in and make these mistakes right. To expand instant replay and to, hopefully, make the game better.

The Devil’s advocate is here today to pass the following message onto Bud Selig and Major League Baseball,

“Slow your Roll, fellas”…

These are the reasons why we don’t and shouldn’t have expanded instant replay in baseball.

Game Time

Everyone’s biggest complaint(s) when it comes to baseball: “its so long”, or “its so boring”, or “its so slow” all boil down to the issue of time. Adding replay only lengthens this game. Can you imagine a Yankees/Red Sox game with instant replay? You’d have to clear a day and a half to watch them play. Look and see how long challenges take in the NFL, and they’re supposed to have a “Time Limit”. So even if you’re thinking “They can put a time limit on it”, the existing example for that shows the time limit isn’t all that effective.

Taking out the Human Element

Baseball is great in its simplicity. Pitcher vs. Hitter. 3 strikes. Fair or Foul. this game is the same game our grandfathers watch. And, no doubt, our grandfathers were giving their generation’s version of the “Jim Joyce Call” the same ear full… though it was probably less profane, and more sober. The game is the same. You can’t say that for the NFL or NBA or NHL. Part of the beauty of this game lies in its imperfection. If you’re fan you’ve heard baseball called “A Game of Failure”. If you step to the plate and fail 7 out of 10 times? You can be an All Star. Its not a perfect game, and no two games are ever the same. Taking the umpires out of it would drastically effect that.

Its a slippery slope

And if you want to take more and more power out of the hands of the boys in blue? Where does it stop? Are we gonna have the “Strike Caller 3000” behind the plate? Some droning awful mechanical box with an exact strike zone? Is it going to be like the “in/out” calls Professional Tennis uses? Where is the fun in that? Seriously. Would a pitcher like Tom Glavine have gotten 300 wins and be a sure fire Hall of Famer with an electronic strike zone squeezing him? What about the ageless Jaime Moyer who has made a long long long LONG career out of nibbling.

Hey, Baseball… its got EVERYONE talking

My last argument is probably the weakest… and yet the most compelling to baseball. Its the same concept when it comes to the BCS in college football. It has people talking. Everyone is talking about your game. Analyzing it. Second guessing. Monday morning umpiring has become incredibly en vogue this season. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. And if people are talking about the game, they are caring about the game. The more people that are hearing about baseball are going to check it out. Lets face facts… we as a society have become increasingly attracted to the, pardon my french, “shit show”. Look no further than “The Jersey Shore”.

I understand the desire and need to “get the call right”, but its not like the umpires aren’t trying. Its not like they WANT to fail and mess up and be ridiculed. They make hundreds of calls a year. Thousands if you throw in balls and strikes. In the “game of failure”, when you look at the big picture… They’re incredibly successful.