This year will go down as one of the most memorable years in comics. The storyline Futures End gave us a look at the end of some of DC’s most beloved heroes…and villains. Marvel’s Original Sin open a can of worms that are changing many of the Marvel titles as we speak. The turning of Lex Luthor after Forever Evil has sent shockwaves through JLA fans as Marvel fans embrace the upcoming cancellation of one of its beloved families, The Fantastic Four.


But to me nothing has shaken up the comic fans as the “Death” of one of the most popular anti heroes in Comics, Wolverine. By the time you read this article, the last issue of Death of Wolverine should be out. And the ending…while a little odd, fits the man I’m about to talk about.

Since his inception, we have seen many variations of Wolverine. A man who’s age and past always was a mystery until recently when they finally decided to release Origins. Even though it left a few questions, it was the beginning of the end in my eyes. They fleshed his past out because they were about to send him on a rollercoaster ride. From his kids trying to kill him to Wolverine having to kill his own son. From Wolverine coming to peace with his clone to finally letting go of Jean Grey and embracing a true love, Storm.

Along the way there were civil wars and Ultron, the death of Xavier, Of course a bit of time travel and Wolverine becoming the one thing nobody thought he could be…a Headmaster. That’s right, the savage animal that used to think with his claws, gave himself a task. Not to train the next group of soldiers…but prepare the next group of mutants. He became a Teacher, trying his best to keep the future on the straight path.

During these times, he lost the one thing that made him even more unique then he was…his healing factor. So the once unkillable animal…was a man. And as a man, Wolverine set out to go out the only way he knew how. By being the best there is…at what he does. But this time it wasn’t an ugly matter. It was pretty and poetic. To some the path Wolverine was set on is over their head. But for a fan of old Samurai movie, I understood what was going on. The master less ronin…living at his life trying to atone for everything he has done. Always pushing ahead. So it was only right that the last image you see of him is covered in his “armor” and looking towards the horizon…pushing forward. One last time.


*This is written from the view point of a farewell, even though we all know he will be back by the next big mutant movie*