On the off chance that you’re not already watching it, might I recommend setting your DVR for THE CATCH? From the episodes I’ve seen, it’s worth not missing.

Alice Vaughan, portrayed by Mireille Enos, runs a private investigation agency, so by all accounts, she should be good at spotting a fraud. But when her fiance, played by Peter Krause, disappears and turns out to be a con man, she’s left a bit dumbfounded.

Perhaps that’s because things aren’t quite that simple.

Now she’s on a mission to track him down, spoil other plans he might have, all the while not letting on to her company that she got duped, keeping that investigation on the side while doing her day job.


Peter Krause is a name you should know by now, but in case you can’t place it, allow me to help. He spent the past five years as Adam Braverman on PARENTHOOD, which I could understand some of our audience not watching because it’s more of a family show than THE CATCH. By far. Perhaps you know him from DIRTY SEXY MONEY? I don’t, though that sounds like it could be a working title for his current show… though perhaps not the “dirty” part. If you don’t know him as Nate Fisher on SIX FEET UNDER, you should probably go back and watch that. Except, SPORTS NIGHT should be your top priority if you’ve never seen Krause before, because that show’s great, and even with it having ended 16 years ago, it’s still excellent.

Female lead Mireille Enos is likely best known for her work as Sarah Linden from THE KILLING, a critically acclaimed show that ended a couple years ago (and is available on Netflix Instant). If you’re familiar with her from that show, you’ll want to check in here, because she was always a bit frumpy there, but she cleans up very nicely. You might also know her from WORLD WAR Z, GANGSTER SQUAD or one of the 25 episodes she was on BIG LOVE.

The cast of THE CATCH doesn’t have many other significant names that jump out at you from the cast list, but their chemistry works, the plot has been interesting each week, and the production style is interesting. Our recommendation is that you set the DVR and watch it each week after catching up with it On Demand so as not to just jump right in. It started late March, so you’re not too far behind.


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