Britney Siren is a Streamate, Flirt4free, Cam girl, Model, Cos-player, Gogo Dancer and all around Nerdy Nerd Nerdette. But don’t let the nude pictures, bright colored braids and gas mask fool you. So is she a down to earth girl who believes in enjoying herself. As I came across her while doing research on another Cos-player, I found out that she is into retro video games and comics, watches wrestling and Law & Order, and listens to Tool and Lupe Fiasco. She is not your average alternative model. But then again they never are…


Mr. Incredible: I guess the first question to ask is how did you get into the whole Cam Girl thing?

Britney Siren: It was suggested to me by a friend since they found out a new studio was opening up in the area… I figured why the hell not. It didn’t seem like a bad deal to get paid to do something I was going to do anyway on my own, lol


Mr. Incredible: Now did your modeling lead into your cam girling or vice versa?

Britney Siren: I modeled first and when that stopped being profitable I started to web cam… I’m not sure if I would’ve found things the other way around actually

Mr. Incredible: How much does the fact that you are a nerd play into your modeling or what you do on Cam?

Britney Siren: It plays a pretty huge part since most people want to get a sense of who you are before they decide to take you into a paid session… what makes you different from some other girl is largely important

Mr. Incredible: Now I had a chance to check out some of your Model Mayham page and you have the ability to do a variety of Shoot styles from glamour to fetish. Is there a style that you love to the most?

Britney Siren: I love anything that provides some sort of challenge, be it physical, or expressing a certain emotion as facial emotions are difficult to convey for most models… fetish shoots are fun as they tend to provide the physical though I enjoy heavily themed shoots a ton as well.

Mr. Incredible: Seeing as you have an Instagram, Blog, Facebook page and a formspring account, how important is social media on your modeling and Cam girl career?

Britney Siren: It’s super important since being on multiple networks gives you access to ppl who might not know who you are otherwise.


Mr. Incredible: Now some Cam girls end up moving into adult films and work with companies like Burning Angel, is that an option for you?

Britney Siren: I’ve looked into it though I don’t think my comfort level bodes well with companies like that… also there’s not as big of a market being a black woman and all. I tend to make my own clips on my own and sometimes do clips with a pro videographer from time to time


Mr. Incredible: How deep does your geekiness go?

Britney Siren: As deep as the deep blue sea… or not very deep at all depending on who you speak to 😛

Mr. Incredible: Do you ever see other Cos-players and think…they are just doing this for the attention and are not real geeks?

Britney Siren: Not really since I think on some level one must want attention to go around dressed as a cartoon character… there’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself though it would suck to be dressed as something you don’t truly like… someone else’s validity isn’t really my concern… what’s more important is who they are, not their hobbies or whether that hobby takes up a large portion of their life

Mr. Incredible: What is your geekiest pleasure, outside of bacon?

Britney Siren: Hahaha…outside of bacon… well I do enjoy star trek a ton and classic gaming will always have a huge warm spot in my heart since those games got me through some of the toughest times

Mr. Incredible: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans and the readers?

Britney Siren: That you’re truly awesome people, thank you to those who have kept up with me over the years… all two of you! It means a lot to me that folks would pay attention to such a weirdo like myself…


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