Directer – Gustavo Cervantes

Starring – Josh New, Gallagher Goodland, Thomas Andrew Johnson, Brendan Hopkins, Bill Aaron Tarpenning, Andy Woodard

Release Date   In Production

Synopsis – A modern adaptation of the classic three little pigs tale. Three estranged brothers are reunited by the tragic passing of their uncle and inheritance of his countryside home, becoming the target of a shady pack of wolves willing to take it at any cost.

I first heard about this project when they were looking for support on It intrigued me the take on this old story that I thought I’ve seen every version of. I like the suspense thriller they have on this take. And to be honest, they could of did this story without playing the 3 Pigs angle and it would still be a interesting story. But none the less the 3 Pigs angle on this makes it even that more interesting.

Right now the movie is making it’s indie rounds. But if you get a chance to check this movie out, do yourself a fav and check out something a little refreshing.

The Brick House Trailer *Click Here To Watch Trailer*


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