Since its announcement, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot has stirred quite a bit of conversation. Although most of the early details worried fans about what the Michael Bay reboot film would bring, now that the first trailer is here, I’m really optimistic.

As always, trailer first, then some discussion.

Right away, we find out that William Fitchner (who may or may not be The Shredder) was working with April O’Neil’s father in the hopes of getting crime out of their city (which I suppose is probably New York City). We see flashes of the action, witnessed first-hand by April herself (Megan Fox) on what appears to be a subway platform. You also probably got the idea that something they did created the Turtles. There’s a big container, some green ooze, and the fact that he mentions that they were trying to “create heroes”.

The trailer gives us a look at all four of the Turtles. We get Leonardo leaping in front of April O’Neil on a roof-top, looking menacing. Michaelangelo using some of his trademark humor just before April faints. Raphael and Donatello aren’t having it as good, as we find them sliding down what appears to be a snowy hill and crashing into the side of an automobile.

I’m really excited for the movie that I was once pessimistic about. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themselves look bad ass, as does the Shredder costume.


As we get more screenshots, I’ll share them here.

I’ll be there opening day August 8th, sporting these 3D glasses, which are reportedly part of the experience:


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