Photo courtesy Steve Bisig/USA Today Sports

Photo courtesy Steve Bisig/USA Today Sports

It’s been a rough couple months for the Florida alum turned journeyman quarterback. Two years removed from being the darling of the NFL as he led his Broncos to one improbable win after another, Tim Tebow is a free agent looking for work.

But surely there was a home SOMEWHERE for him, right? Surely SOME fan base has to be wanting him. Well, before we make that assumption, consider this: there’s a strong contingent in Jacksonville that would rather struggle without him. went live some time ago and, to date, has over 550,000 clicks that say they support their Jaguars having nothing to do with the man.

Think about it: the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS, or their fans at least, don’t think he can help their club. The second-worst team by record and, if you ask me, the worst franchise currently in the NFL would rather stick with Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne, Matt Scott, and Jordan Rodgers. Even if you’re a knowledgeable football fan, there’s no shame in admitting you don’t know the last two.

Now take into consideration that Jacksonville is just 90 minutes north of Gainesville, where Tebow was something of a deity in college. If there was one NFL fan base that wanted Tebow, it’d be this one.

And it seems, in a best-case scenario for the young quarterback, it’s a 50/50 proposition.

If the Jaguars do end up signing Tebow, might we even hear boos? That might be a welcome change considering we’re not used to  hearing ANYTHING at Jaguars home games.

The website with the pseudo-petition was set up by Bold City Brigade, a registered non-profit organization whose mission statement includes, “Our focus is to engage and unite Jaguars followers from all walks of life, but particularly those who have grown with the franchise since its inception.”

You’d think with a fan group that brands itself as being so welcoming that the thought of the prodigal son returning would cause salivation and not ulcers, but I guess I’m mistaken.

Obviously this isn’t the end-all-be-all for Timothy Tebow, but it’s certainly a strong blow to a former first-round draft pick and multiple-SI-cover personality. Every club that needed help at quarterback has done at least SOMETHING to redress their issues and Tebow remains unemployed.

We thought with their desperate need to sell tickets that the Jaguars would be willing to take a shot on what ultimately boils down to the most famous backup quarterback in the NFL. However, this website, named from a quote from the new Jaguars GM, reminds us that even returning home is no longer a likely prospect.

Simply put, it might take a small miracle for Tebow to find somewhere where he’ll have a bigger role than he did in New York. But if there was ever a gunslinger that could curry favor with the man above, it’s him.

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