In my opinion, The expendables  has probably been the manliest movie ever made since Rambo… And it was a decent movie. Plot lacked, and script lacked, and no one was going to win an academy award from the acting, but it was a film with awesome action, and some good fight scenes. Therefore it’s no surprise, and actually  a rare occasion, that a sequel makes sense.  And some of the actors that Judge Dredd is trying to get into this movie makes my head explode.

Actor and Martial Artist Donnie Yen (Blade II, Hero, IP Man),  has been offered a part that has been tailored for him, and such actors as John Travolta, THE Chuck Norris, and Jean-Claude Van Damme have all been rumored candidates to be cast.  Now though, according to the New York Post, the most absurd news comes in. Christopher Lambert, Christian Slater,  Nicolas Cage, and Tayler Lautner are all on Sly Stallone’s wanted roster for the movie. Wait what? Did I just type Taylor Lautner? Some of those names make sense. Nick Cage…. Terrible actor so acting wise he’d fit right in, and he’s been in some awesome action movies, aka Con Air, the Rock, and Faceoff… Travolta and Slater as well… And Chris Lambert? I mean… He’s the fricken highlander! Other than the fact there’s only one and I don’t know who he could work in a team, that’s an awesome choice. But Taylor Lautner who I only know from Twilight and that crappy looking action flick about to come out “Abduction”?  WHAT? It makes no sense! Why in the hell is Taylor Lautner on that list? Has Rocky finally taken one hit too many?

According to the brief article, Lionsgate was impressed by the young werewolf in  said “Abduction” movie, and are pushing for him to be in the movie.  Sly himself said he was “impressed” with the young stars stunt performing abilites. I’m sure it went something like this… “Yo… that Taylor Lautner guy… He turns into a wolf for the craft. That’s some good stunt work Adrian!

It doesn’t make sense to me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SLY… DO NOT CAST HIM! Expendables is supposed to be hardcore, not a crappy wolf boy from a teeny bopper Vampire movie series based on a teeny bopper Vampire book series. If you need a young actor in a role, there are much better actors who can play that age who have better stunt experience, and are much more BAD ASS! I don’t want to go into the theatre and find a wave of perfume and young girls holding team Jacob signs up. I want to see badass guys kill each other. It’s like that Mortal Kombat vs DC game that came out. It’s been every man’s dream since they hit puberty. Personally I think that if they cast The Chuck Norris, he should be the bad guy, because it would take EVERY other actor in the movie to ALMOST beat him. But if that happened, there wouldn’t be any more movies because ultimately The Chuck Norris would win.

But since nothing is official, we’ll just have to wait and see, and save the major bitching for if it becomes official.








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