If anyone reading this doesn't recognize this team, it just further proves the point

Pro wrestling is an industry very rich with tradition and history.  Believe it or not, tag team wrestling has existed since 1901.  There have been times in wrestling history where the major promotions were flooded with tag teams.  Hell, the Survivor Series was created due to the mass of teams back in the 80’s.  The question being asked nowadays is simply, what happened?

Between WWE and TNA combined, I think I can count established tag teams on one hand.  Need proof?  Let’s look at their tag team “divisions.”


The current WWE Tag Team champions are Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, collectively known as “Air Boom.”  This name was given to them via popular vote by the “WWE Universe” as a way to try to take the Tag Team division seriously again.  Other “established” teams in WWE include the Usos, who get minimal TV time, and the relatively new team of Epico and Primo Colon, who is a former Tag Team champion himself.  That’s it.

Looking at the recent history of the WWE Tag Team championship, it seems that WWE just throws two guys together and gives them the belts just for the sake of keeping the championship around.  Teams like David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre all have Tag Team title reigns on their resume.  You have to go back to teams like MNM (2005) and Deuce N’ Domino (2007) to find teams that were brought into WWE as a tag team who actually became champions.  Very sad.

TNA Impact Wrestling

Over in TNA is no better.  Their current Tag Team champions are the thrown-together tandem of Matt Morgan and Crimson, who a week before winning the belts, were booked as arch-enemies.  Sure.  I won’t touch the subject of TNA booking in this article.  They defeated the already-forgettable team called “Mexican America,” consisting of former LAX member Hernandez and Anarquia.  Other teams residing in TNA include the team of Brother Devon and D’Angelo Dinero, Ink, Inc., and former Tag Team champions the Motor City Machine Guns are currently minus Chris Sabin as he recovers from a knee injury.

The TNA Tag Team division wasn’t always this thin.  Just a year ago they also had Beer Money, Inc., Generation Me, and the British Invasion.  And this was combined with any combination of members from all the various stables that existed in TNA just a year ago.

Rumor had it over the summer that WWE was in search of tag teams to bolster the division.  One team in particular was named in these rumors: That being insanely popular and talented ROH/indy team of Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, better known as the Kings of Wrestling.  Castagnoli was signed to a developmental deal and has already started in the WWE developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, under his new name Antonio Cesaro.  Hero, however, has yet to materialize for reasons unknown right now.  Former TNA Tag Team champs, Beer Money, were also rumored targets.  Both members, James Storm and Robert Roode, have enjoyed World title reigns since then (insert conspiracy theory here).

The Future

So, what about FCW?  WWE has to be building teams down there, right?  It’s very possible, though I just don’t see it happening.  Teams get thrown together down there, too.  But there is a bright light out there: Ring of Honor.  Home to the Young Bucks (formerly Generation Me in TNA), the All Night Express, the Briscoe Brothers, and current ROH Tag Team champions (and former WWE Tag Team champions) the World’s Greatest Tag Team.  ROH has always had a deep Tag Team division, and that’s always made them stand out.  It’s just very sad that WWE and TNA don’t really look at ROH like ECW used to be looked at in the mid-90’s.

Will tag team wrestling make a comeback?  Will WWE and TNA let an over one-hundred year old tradition die?  These questions will be answered in time.  Until then, we fans will keep smacking our heads when the next “pull two guys’ names out of a hat and give them the Tag Team title” formula rears its head yet again.