The majority of the new Taco Bell breakfast offerings have been covered in our Wake Up Live Mas article series, and we also shared their clever advertising approach. I also gave my opinion of three menu items in Day 1 of my Wake Up Live Mas adventure, three more in Day 2 of the series and then 2 more last time. Now it’s time to continue through the menu and I finally get some steak.


Steak And Egg Burrito

Why? It’s a fairly standard Mexican restaurant breakfast item.

How is it? The steak isn’t top notch, but if that was your expectation, you’re too optimistic. The sauce they also use on the A.M. Crunchwrap was on my Steak And Egg Burrito, and it’works really really well on this item. I had a couple bites where the sauce wasn’t present, and while the burrito is still good without it, I prefer it with the sauce. To get the full experience, I tried it with the Salsa Del Sol Picante Sauce packet, and while it was still a GOOD experience, I prefer the burrito with the sauce that it comes with standard. I’ll absolutely be ordering this again.

Sausage Melt

Why? Because it was the only item from the dollar menu that I haven’t ordered yet.

How is it? The sausage is alright, but the thickness of the flatbread masks a lot of the flavor from both the sausage and the cheese. It’s probably worth a dollar, but I wouldn’t pay any more than that. It does go really nicely with the Salsa Del Sol Picante Sauce.

Next Time

In looking at the different varieties of items I’ve already tried, the one item that really jumps out at me is the A.M. Crunch Wrap With Steak. I enjoyed the option I tried on Day 1 with bacon, and because of today’s steak experience, I’m optimistic. If there’s anything you specifically want me to try, Tweet at us on Twitter @GuysNation.

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